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How to get toned without gyms or weights?

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A few months ago I was overweight and now i am probably about right for my height.  I go running 1 hour 3 times a week.

I walked into a shop and saw a full length mirror and saw how skinny and rather frail I looked.  So I want to get toned but I don't want to go to gyms as I'm on a limited budget.

To top it off I don't have any weights and don't really want to get any just yet. 

So I'm wondering if there are a set of muscles strengthning exercises that i can do at home for say 1/2 hour a day that will stop me from lookikng like Ghandi!!

I've started doing press ups and sit ups but would like some more interesting ideas as well, any help will b much appreciated...
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if there are any little kids around you can lift them over your head or have them hang onto your outstretched arm and you pull them up! that'sa workout!
Your natural body weight is very effective weight, especially since you just want to firm up. Lunges, squats, crunches are easy to do without weights for lower body.

For upper body, you can 'trick' your muscles to work by focusing on the contraction of a specific muscles/area. Let's see, say you are going to do biceps curl. Get into position for the routine, and start curling your biceps - imagine you are pulling a heavy cable up, and make the movement comes from your muscle contraction on the upper arm as supposed your elbow. It is going to be a slow movements but focus. You should be able to feel your muscles working. You can do the same thing for triceps, but reverse the movements (pulling down).

Don't forget to eat more protein to help build muscles and maintain them. That should help from looking like skeleton :)
thx for replies ktcort + sweet_tart, my eight year old would prbably enjoy being lifted up like that (bless)!  Also, I didn't really realise about the protein thing, guess that means more chicken 4 me :) thx again!
When you go shopping with bags full of stuff, just carry it so you're using muscles, so lift it up a little. Or even make these your weights at home - fill old shopping bags with cans, or use big heavy books and check the net for some exercises.
When you're on the phone, go handsfree or tuck it on your shoulder, and do reps of bicep curls with a big can or a big water bottle filled with sand.

Within 1/2 hour of doing a muscle work out (like a proper one) try and get some protein in (as mentioned above) as this is when its most effectivly used.

Do pushups. Find out what your max is an try and increase it by 5 per week. If you cant do them, do them on your knees or on a wall.
You can use tins of beans or bottles of water as weights.

Also, resistance bands are effective, easy to use and cheap.

Calcium is also necessary for muscles, and may help your overall health.

I would suggest taking an A-Z multivit supplement (if you don't already)

If you look frail, maybe you have something missing in your diet?
Remember to eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, low fat bio yoghurt, lean protien (fish, turkey or skinless chicken breast are best)

Excercise can depleat vitamin levels, so it is important you get enough iron, calcium, vits ABCDE, B6, B12, etc.  Do some research on the net for more info on vitamins and what they do.
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There are lots of great bodyweight exercises you can do; it works just like lifting weights because it IS lifting weights-- your own weight! Google bodyweight exercise for examples, and have fun!

The mini-trampoline was forty dollars at Walmart.  You can hide it when not in use.
Your eight year old will love you for getting it, my grandchildren love it when they come over. 
You would not believe how much fun it is!
Pilates is a big help for me. All you need is a DVD to get started.
Resistance tubing like this can be a great way to improve your strength without the cost or bulk of a weight machine.  Certainly they have their limitations.  But, you can get varying grades of resistance so you can build up over time.  And, you can do curls, rows, lat pull downs, etc, especially if you get an attachment that lets you stabilize it in a door frame, or if you have a basement beam or something you can loop it around from overhead. 
thx again for responses, i really like all the ideas including the cheap and cheerful shopping bag method to the resistance tubing kit that looks interesting and different. 
I do agree, my eight year old will probably b really happy if I invest in one of those mini trampolines :)!!! thx again eveyrone...
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