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How can I tone up, without losing breast tissue?

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I am naturally slim and am not trying to lose weight, but I am quite interested in toning up, which I've accomplished at this point.  I get cellulite when my legs and butt aren't toned, plus I like how my butt looks when I do lunges and such- much perkier and smoother.

But since I've started doing heavy lifting (squatting my own weight 3x/week, plus other lower body lifting) I've noticed my breasts getting smaller.  I have not lost weight, in fact I am 10 lb heavier probably from the muscle.  I still fit into the same clothing, but my breasts feel slightly smaller.  Not a whole cup size, just slightly.

I'm not pear shaped, so I don't know why my breasts would go first, especially when I'm not losing weight!  Why would weights on my lower body make my breasts smaller?  I do gain weight first on the lower half, but I'd say I'm more of a ruler than a pear (33-24-35, 5'5", narrow shoulders/hips).  Basically, I want to be healthy and toned (not hugely muscular) but keep my boobs...because I have noticed the shrinkage and I'm not alone, my mom has even commented on it!


I also have some issues with BDD so I am trying to keep this all in perspective, but it would be nice to be able to exercise and stay toned (NOT skinnier, just toned) without losing breast tissue.

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You're building up muscle tissue, thus "burning" through your body fat. Breast tissue is comprised of fat and mammary glands. Ergo, more muscle = less fat (and by extension, less breast fat).

You pretty much have to accept it if you want to "tone up".

I used to be a B/C cup, but with that cup size came cellulite, doughy stomach, and soft thighs. Now I'm barely an A cup (I've stopped wearing bras), but I'm fairly solid everywhere else. Think if this way, you don't have to spend much money on bras, and you can wear halter/backless outfits without bra straps getting in the way.

My breasts shrank as I lost weight, but they also readjusted later, so they might come back.
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