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How do you tone the buttocks and back of the thighs?

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I am new to this website too, and I already love it! everyone is so supportive of one another! I thought I would try my luck at asking for advice:

I work out everyday for about an hour and a half. I have seen great results in my arms and stomach, but not any in my butt area or the back of my thighs. Does anyone have any ideas of some machines/exercises I can use to tone that area?
Thanks everyone!
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There are a couple of exercises I've had good success with for rear/legs

First off try this, it's difficult but works really well. start off on your hands and knees, keep your head down so that you are looking at the floor. then lift the one leg straight up and back where your knee ends up parallel to the floor and your foot is still at a 90 degree ankle from the back of your thigh. (in other words don't straighten the leg, just lift it up bent at the knee) lower about six inches and lift do 50 on each leg, you should feel the back of your thighs burning with those. Be careful you aren't using your foot to kick that leg back, the object is to lift your leg as though it were a weight :)

For the other one lay on your side. The bottom leg should be bent at the knee so that the lower leg forms a 90 degree angle. You can rest your head on your hand or lay flat but you want your body as straight in line as possible. Lift the top leg up until you feel the pulling on the muscle, then just lift it a little bit higher. lift by lowering the leg just a few inches and back up to the higher position, don't go all the way back down. keep the leg up there and just doing a few inches and repeat 75-100 and then switch sides. Keep the leg straight, don't let the ankle or foot drop - concentrate on lifting the full leg.

You can also do this by switching leg positions and have the top leg you are lifting bent at the 90 degree angle and the lower leg stretched completely out. When you do it this way you want to focus on lifting the whole leg still, don't let the ankle drop.

This really works the side of the rear and defines that space between the curve of the backside and the top of the thigh, lifts and tones/firms I love these!
OOOhhh, I felt the pain just reading your post Christin. I'm going to have to try them anyway though. It's sounds like they should work really well.

they do, if you do them right you'll be able to see a difference within a week or less. Once you get used to them they are easier and you can do more at a time. They are great for the battle of the flat wide rear ;). Since I sit most of the time for office work etc. I had to find something to help reshape things and those definitely did the trick :) Hope they work for you too :)
Quite simply... squats will do wonders for both!
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Those are great ideas Christins. I'm going to try them.

I have been going to Curves for two years, but probably not "pushing" it hard enough, and of course didn't lose much weight because I didn't find this website until last month. Now, with a combination of eating right, and exercise, I hope to see some results!
You can do the first exercise that Christin mentions, but extend the leg out all the way, pulling up through your glut (butt). Bring it back to the bent resting state. (Here's a video of Christin's excercise, by the way: kickbacks.html)

You can make it harder if you keep the leg straight and bring cross it back over the leg you have your weight on, instead of coming back to the bent-legged resting state. (Here's a picture:

Basic squats and lunges are excellent glut exercises. Make sure you keep your knee over your ankle (don't let it come forward over your foot). If you're not familiar with them, there's lots of places to look up how to do them properly online. You can add extra work to a squat by following each squat with alternating knee lifts, or by putting one foot on a step.
Squats: /ss/howtosquat_3.htm?terms=squats

You can also lie on your back with your legs bent, about hip-width apart. Put your arms on the floor next to your sides. Raise your butt in the air until you've gone as far as you can, hold it briefly then come back down (not all the way down to the floor):
Video: ift-bridge.html
When you get good at these, you can do them with one leg in the air.
My physical therapist used to make me do them while squeezing a 6" ball between my knees to get inner thighs.

Another butt exercise has you standing and lifting your leg straight out behind you as far as it can go (not very far). Try not to bend your body forward as you are concentrating on contracting the glut. If you have excercise bands or tubing, you can add resistance by hooking one end around a piece of furniture and the other end around your ankle.

I generally do 3 sets of 12-15 reps of any of these.

Do you belong to a gym? I have a ton more suggestions if you have access to more equipment.
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lunges and squats are amazing. I do them with weights too.
The first time i tried this out, my legs and butt were so woobly, i couldn't make it up or down stairs (especially down) it was pretty bad cause i live on the third floor of an appartment with no elevator!
I'm better now though.
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all of these exercises are awesome, but if there's fat covering these thighes and buttocks, don't neglect CARDIO or you'll never see the results you want!
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