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Toes fall asleep on elliptical

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Hey, has anyone else had this problem? I love using the elliptical machine, but after I've been working out on it for 20 min or so, I sometimes get the "pins and needles" feeling in my toes. Am I doing something weird with my feet? It doesn't really hurt or anything, it just makes me wonder if I'm doing something odd (or worse, wrong). 
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I had the same problem. When that happened, I tried to make my foot come up off the foot pedel about 1/2" to 1" to try and wake my foot back up. That seemed to help.
I have the same feeling.  Whenever I use the elliptical my feet feel funny....yea it doesn't hurt, but they are really tingly.  I don't know why it happens, but I guess there is not anything wrong with it....I hope not anyhow!  Maybe someone else has some suggestions so we will see.  :)
Maybe you should losen your laces?
I think it depends on the person. I've tried different shoes, different speeds, resistances, stances, everything.  My feet go numb just as easy at 185 lbs as they did at 285 lbs.  I think its just...dependent on the individual.
Yes!!! I have this problem and it drives me nuts! I've tried lifting my feet, loosening my shoelaces and trying to put my weight more on my heels but nothing helps. It's really annoying because I'd like to be able to use the elliptical for longer than 15-20 minutes but my feet bother me too much and I have to stop. :(

Sorry I don't have a solution...but at least you know you're not alone!
I have had this problem forever (as long as I have been exercising anyway) it is because I have high arches, happens on the stairmaster, elliptical, anything weight bearing.  The only thing that helps me is to take my shoes off, sounds weird (took my trainer awhile to get used to it), but it does work, allows sufficient circulation to my toes so they do not feel numb or cold anymore! :-) Be careful not to slip, but leave your socks on, cause who knows who has been on that elliptical before you.
I've had this problem on and off for years,  on the elliptical and on bikes.  I've been wondering if it is carpal tunnel of the ankles?  If I stop and stretch the ankles by doing circles with my toes pointed out it helps for a bit (though the numbness returns with quickly).

I have high arches.  Maybe I'll check out my shoes and make sure they are not constraining the arch/toe area (I don't think I want to ride my bike without shoes!)
sorry to join in so late but the answer is quite simple...lack of circulation. if you don't lift your foot completelly off the "pad" then you never relieve the pressure on the underside of your foot, so your circulation in that area is poor and so you get the pins-and-needles feeling's your body saying hey, get some blood flowing in here! it's a natural "reflex" which stops us from getting pressure sores just by standing or sitting.
ive also experianced this! i talked to the trainor about it at the gym and she says to use the elliptical that has the ramp under the feet platforms instead of the ones that just glide in the air. i tried and it works!! i dont get the pins and needles on that type.

not sure if u have access to an elliptical with a ramp though...
Thanks guys for all of the replies. I actually have been told by a doctor before that I have high arches, so that's probably part of it. I'll try to make more of an effort to lift my feet up and make sure they keep moving and check my shoelaces etc. 
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I've been complaining about this for years and everyone I talked to looked at me like I had three heads!!! It's so good to know there are others out there with the same experience. The only thing that seems to work for me is if I loosen up the laces in my shoes completely and just tuck them in instead of tying them. That helps.
Good to know that it can be from high arches!  I have tried loosening my shoe laces and lifting up my feet time to time, but it just doesn't work!  Now I can blame my high arch gene...ha!  :)
Great! I thought something was wrong with me. Glad to know there are others. After like 15 min or so on the elliptical my right foot falls asleep and it sucks. No problem on the bike though. 

I was told to increase my potassium and B12 intake. So I just started doing that this weekend.
Happens to me too... very annoying, didn't know it was because of high arches though... ner-sleepy-foot-article.html

I found that link ... seems to explain it pretty thoroughly!
When I start to get that feeling, I start scrunching my toes to aleviate the nerves and get the blood flowing... it helps.
:: grins :: it's good to know this happens to other people, too!  I'd even /stop/ and massage my feet through my shoes, looking ridiculous, I'm sure, but the funny thing is that after about 4 months of being the elliptical, it kinda started going away!
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this has been happening to me too! and it happened again just yesterday when I was on the elliptical. I wonder what the medical reason behind it is..........any Drs or medical experts here?
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oooooooopss! just saw one of the earlier posts with the I know why. thanks!
I switch directions from forward to backwards every three minutes or so when I am working on the elliptical.  It has reduced the tingling dramatically.  I have been able to finish my "weightloss" setting for 48 minutes with no tingling.  The program switches from a high ramp setting to a low ramp setting every three minutes, so I switch directions accordingly.  Forward for the high ramp and backward for the lower setting.
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