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I noticed the other night after running that my toenails had a bluish tint to them.  Needless to say I was a little freaked out.  After about an hour and a hot shower, they were pink again.  Any ideas as to why that happened?  I am going to check next time to see if they turn blue again. 

P.S.  My socks were not blue, so no dye rubbing off onto my toenails.

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Did your toes feel cold or numb?  I'm guessing this is the first time this has happened?  Could be poor blood circulation in your lower extremities -- have someone check the pulses in your feet.


Cold blue or bruise/someone-just hit-my-foot-with-a-hammer blue?

I ran on the treadmill, so it was about 70 degrees.  Fingernails didn't turn colors.  I always have cold feet (according to my hubby).  The toes didn't feel bruised or cold.  The only part of the toes that was blue was the toenail.  Where would I go to get someone to check the pulses in my feet?

New shoes?  Could be the toebox on your shoes is too tight, cutting off circulation. 

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Was it cold out? I assume that it was because of you mentioning a hot shower after the run.  It may be Reynaud's Syndrome, which I have.  Usually it presents as your fingers or toes turning white, then red as they warm up.  They will feel a little numb.  Nail beds can look blue, like you described.  Did some of your toes or the bottom of your feet look white-ish?  It is a circulation issue, due to your extremities getting cold and the small blood vessels spasm and close quickly shutting off blood flow to the toes.

I just experienced the blue nail beds recently but have had Reynaud's for years.  Usually a couple of my fingers turn white when cold.  I did some research and it suggested getting my thyroid checked.  Reynaud's is a symptom of thyroid levels being off.


After I posted this I saw that you'd already posted that you were indoors.  

I would check your running shoes as someone suggested about the toe box. I used to always wear Nikes and started losing toe nails (they started to turn blue, then black and fell off!) I now wear Asics and have no problem. good luck!

My sis-in-law-to-be is a running fanatic. Her toes get bruised from running but I'm not sure what she's done since last time we talked about it. She said she couldn't wear open-toed dress shoes.

Good for you for noticing pretty early on...the sooner the better.

Original Post by thmheh:

New shoes?  Could be the toebox on your shoes is too tight, cutting off circulation. 

 Or it could be that you need news shoes.  The more miles I have on my shoes the more my foot slops around in it and the more weird my feet feel after a run.  I know I need new ones when I have to start wearing the thickest socks I own.

I have to same problem and it has nothing to do with shoes.  I originally thought it was my shoes and I replaced them and made sure my toes had plenty of room to move around but they still turn blue.  I also have a habit of curling my toes when I exercise so I just attributed to that.  Let us know if you figure it out!

not a doctor or anything but among my track team at my college, black toenails, or blue, as in your case, is pretty common and unfortunately a byproduct of running for some people. Often, it is caused by your toes being squished into your shoe, as others on this forum have suggested. Try another pair of shoes and see if that helps- if not, never hurts to see the foot doctor!

That happened to my fingers and toes too.  I figured it was a circulation/oxygen level problem since I wasn't really used to exercising.  It got better as I got used to doing the elliptical.  I would just make sure you go get a physical to make sure you don't have any heart or lung issues.

I ran again last night.  This time, toenails stayed pink.  I ran longer, but not as hard.  I think it has something to do with pushing off with my toes when I try to go faster.  I did notice that my shoes have little divots where the toes go.  Maybe time to get some new ones.  Does anyone know how long a pair is supposed to last?  I run about 15 miles a week and the shoes are over 3 months old.

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