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Is 3 times a week at the gym enough?

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Hi all!

Bit of background knowledge;

I'm a student who usually lives in the city, but right now I'm living at home until September. At the minute, I'm doing a lot of brisk walking, jogging, and have started Zumba and Tai Chi classes.

However, when I move back to university, I'm planning on joining a gym (there are some really good student prices!) and was wondering if I go 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) for an hour each time, will that be enough to keep fit? Should I try to find a place that does Zumba and Tai Chi too?

I'm normally pretty lazy but recently I've really gotten into this fitness thing :)

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For some even 6 times a week is. It enough.

If there's one thing Mr. Einstein taught us it's that everything is relative.

Depending in your goals that may or may not be enough. Fit is a very subjective word.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not some fitness fanatic, I've literally only just got into doing regular exercise. I was just wondering whether 3 times a week at the gym would be enough to keep generally quite fit and healthy.

I've found a place that does Zumba so I'm planning on doing that once a week too. 

Again, the word fit is different for everyone. I wouldn't consider people who go to the gym 3x a week fit. But others might. I don't even consider myself fit at the moment and I log over 10 hrs a week at the gym.

As far as health - 30 minutes every day is the minimum standard guideline if I'm not mistaken

It depends on what you do for fitness.  For lifting weights, 3 days a week is normal.  3 days a week should be enough to maintain your current fitness for most activities, but if you want to improve your fitness, you may need more time.

Cheers for replies guys!

I think you should do whatever makes you happy and helps your body feel good. If going to the gym makes you happy, then go... if three times a week feels like too much for your body, then go twice a week, or go more often if your body feels better going more often.

You don't HAVE to go to a gym, you don't HAVE to do anything... Figure out what activities make you feel good and healthy, and do them. If that's Zumba and Tai Chi, by all means, go for it! But it'll be useless to try if it's something boring that you hate and will never follow through on.

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I exercise 3 (sometimes four) times a week and conifer myself reasonably fit. (emphasis on reasonably) I can run a moderately paced 3-5 miler with ease, I lift 8-10 lbs arms, and 15 lb squats/lunges.

This is about all I feel I need, or care to do.

It's really up to you. If 3X a week is all you have time for, go with it!

Three times a week is enough for beginners, especially for weight lifting. A lot of beginners are over enthusiastic and initially hit the gym everyday only finding themselves too sore and injured the next week to continue working out.

More than three times a week could put you at risk for over-training and injury - the body needs some time to adapt to the stress. Add a fourth day in a few months and see how your body takes it.

I wouldn't suggest working sore muscles either.

You can do low impact/stress activities on days off such as walking or yoga, but the first few weeks of starting an exercise program you may even feel too tired and sore for that.

You'll still have to watch what you eat, though. Food, especially alcohol , fast food, restaurant food and sweets are too calorie dense to be burned off with moderate exercise.

thanks for all the advice!

All depends on your goals, remember diet is key to health and exercise is just a tool there to help sculpt your body how you want. I would say 3 times a week is more than enough if your getting your 40-60 minutes worth of weight training in each of those sessions, then if your trying to lean out an extra 10-20 minutes of steady paced cardio right afterwards. As long as your hitting all your main body parts within those 3 sessions theres absolutely nothing wrong with it, the people that tend to go 6 or 7 times a week may see results faster but they also tend to overtrain quite severely. But 3 times a week with consistency and a healthy diet, your body can still get in great shape, the most important thing is consistency.

You might want to look into Zumba and and Tai Chi classes in your area.

Going to cardio classes really helps me stay motivated. I look forward to going to classes, talking to other people in the class, and bopping around to cheesy music. 

I do still go to the gym for weight lifting/stationary biking but JUST going to the gym would be boring for me. 




It all depends on WHAT you are doing at the gym, and your goals.

I only train 3 days a week and I am EXTREMELY happy with my fitness and strength progress thus far.

I agree with ajaro, it all depends on what you're doing and what your training regime is like as a whole.

For the most part you can get a lot of work done with just 3 days of training.

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