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Ok, I've NEVER been apart of a gym in my LIFE. I've always worked out at home to videos and the such. Planet Fitness was having a great deal so I decided to take advantage of it...However, what are the types of things I would need to bring there? (I'm going to Kmart in a bit to pick up a few things.)

I'm thinking obviously a bottle or two of water. (I'm not getting suckered into paying 1.50 for a bottle of water each time I go there. :P)

A duffel bag?

2 or 3 pairs of fitness pants? (to change throughout the week)

2 pairs of fitness shorts (or should I just stick with the pants?)

3 athletic tank tops? (or are t-shirts better?)

2 or three sports bras?

I was also considering sweat bands, but I was thinking it would probably just be cheaper to bring a hand towel (however I wouldn't be able to dry off until after I'm done on the machine or whatever since they don't look to have a good place to lay it.)

Anything else you can recommend? As you can tell I'm a bit of an anxious person. Lmao.

Trying to be as cheap as possible as I am unemployed and don't have a lot of money so just looking for basics or recommendations.

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hmm...might not be up your alley, but I bring:

Weighted vest

one or two kettle bells since my gym doesn't have

and depending on what day...a resistance band.


water is supplied via cold fountain..towel...HA...I use my T-shirt

other than those three things...i just bring myself...ipod optional :)

Those are all good things to bring! I like to have my ipod with me as well as some ear buds (cheap, easy to untangle gummi ones). I recently got an armband case for my ipod, which is great while I'm doing weights. I also like having sport headbands to keep my frizzy hair off my face. Um ... and don't forget a lock!

I always just bring water, mp3 player, towel (if I remember), small gym bag.

For clothing shorts or pants are fine, just wear whichever you feel like and whichever is most comfortable for you to workout in (same with t-shirt and tank tops)

I also keep an extra hair tie or two in my bag just incase and a couple other womenly products.

I can't have a good workout if I forget IPOD, water bottle, or towel.

As for stuff-stuff, I only own 2 sports bras, 3 fitness pants, and a few tank tops and t shirts. The most important thing are the new shoes I bought. When I first started back to the gym, I didn't want to admit that my feet had gotten wider since having my daughter. By the end of the first week my toes were hurting so bad I couldn't think straight. New shoes = killer new workout and attitude. I've been adding to my fitness wardrobe when I can afford it, hitting target and ross. One thing I found out the hard way = check out how well the pants absorb moisture before you wear a thin pair of gray yoga pants to run 3 miles and have to leave the gym with a big wet behind.

Congrats on getting started!

*edited to add: I also keep extra batteries for my IPOD in my gym bag*

Things not mentioned yet...

a watch

workout log


extra socks(if you wear them)

swiming suit(if there is a gym and you think you may ever want to swim)

headphones(to use with ipod or to watch tv)

lock for locker(I don't rent a locker, just use the day use ones)


it sounds like you have a locker though.  Are you planning on showering there?  If so, you will need all your normal shower stuff.


most gyms will supply you with a towel.

and, yes, they will have water fountains, but I find that I really miss my water bottle when I forget it.  Its nice to have it right there inbetween sets or if Im on the treadmill.

And I agree with the hair ties...I have been very greatful many times that I had extras!!

tshirt vs tank top just depends on personal preference.  The gym I work out in doesn't have very good air conditioning(YMCA) so I don't wear cotton at all if I can avoid it.

In my gym bag:

  • Workout t-shirt
  • sports bra
  • shorts (always shorts. I can't work out at the gym in pants unless I'm doing pilates... it's too hot.)
  • sneakers
  • socks/underwear
  • travel size deoderant & body wash
  • elastic headband
  • heart rate monitor (watch & strap)
  • a lock
  • small change purse (for my jewelry)
  • workout program/log & pen
  • iPod shuffle
  • water bottle (pre-filled)
  • flip flops (if I'm planning on getting a shower afterwards)

Your gym should have towels for showering and sweat wiping. Bring your own on the first day, just to make sure though.

Original Post by cellophane_star:

In my gym bag:

  • ...
  • small change purse (for my jewelry)
  • ...

 oooo...REALLY good idea!!

Original Post by hotfuss:

Original Post by cellophane_star:

In my gym bag:

  • ...
  • small change purse (for my jewelry)
  • ...

 oooo...REALLY good idea!!

 It's worthwhile... I wear earrings, two rings, a watch and a necklace on a regular day. Keeping them all in a change purse makes it less likely to lose one piece. if you just pile them at the bottom of your locker, you could swipe something onto the floor and not realize it's gone until you get home! I also keep some small hair clips in there.

I always wear soffee shorts and tank tops. And I have a lot of them because they pretty much need to be washed right after I use them I get so sweaty.

Definately get a water bottle. It doesn't have to be fancy.

Towels are nice if you're doing something that will get your face all sweaty.

Two or three sports bras should do the trick. Those also don't have to be anything special. I got mine at Kmart, and let me tell you, I'm no A-cup lol. Don't get suckered into buying a fifty dollar bra.

Oh get a padlock for your locker, so you can throw your bag and your wallet and stuff in there and not have to worry about it.

DON'T wear thongs or tight fitting undies! They ride up...and they can cause some rather uncomfortable lady problems (that's probably TMI). Just wear granny panties...

If there's a shower there you want to use, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, and flip flops! you don't want to be barefoot in the shower there you could get athlete's foot or something gross. Or you could get someone else's hair stuck to your toes that's yucky...

hope that helps! : )

If you're not planning on showering there, all you need is comfortable shorts - dri-fit running shorts are excellent or an equivalent and a tank top. AND, if you plan on doing cardio, proper shoes otherwise you can injure yourself. Most gyms supply towels or you can take your own or just wear wrist sweat bands and wipe your sweat off with them..reusable water bottle/container and a YES YOU CAN attitude! ;)

Original Post by fitnessgirll:

 and a YES YOU CAN attitude! ;)

now that's just too rah-rah. tone it down.

That was nothing.  I also had my pom poms out. It's a NEW DAY. A NEW YOU. TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE...I could go on and on..............and on.

You did notice the ;) in my original post now, didnt ya?

Do you have a locker?

I have two gym bags that I rotate.  Each one has a combo lock so I can't lose the key, a shower towel, a hand towel, a pair of tennies, a sports bra, sweat pants, a t-shirt, a swimsuit and thongs, plus travel sized toiletries, pony tail holders.  I take my ipod too, but don't keep it in the bag.

Original Post by fitnessgirll:

You did notice the ;) in my original post now, didnt ya?

Sorry, I forgot to add an emoticon to indicate my dry sense of humor.

Original Post by amethystgirl:

Original Post by fitnessgirll:

You did notice the ;) in my original post now, didnt ya?

Sorry, I forgot to add an emoticon to indicate my dry sense of humor.

 you can borrow one of mine WinkFoot in mouthUndecidedYellTongue out

this is random, but WTH is this...Money mouth ...supposed to be??

put your money where your mouth is emoticon.

I only know that bc I scrolled over the face and it said ''money mouth''.

When I go to the gym, this is what I pack:

  • Duffel bag w/ waterproof compartment
  • Combination lock
  • Watch
  • Towel
  • Running Shorts
  • Running Shirt
  • Running Shoes
  • Workout pants
  • Extra underwear
  • Running Shoes
  • Things to take a shower (flip flops, soap, deoderant, etc.)
  • MP3 Player
  • Extra 'AAA' battery for my MP3 player
  • Water Bottle
  • Running Brace
  • Cell phone
  • Book (In case I have to wait for a machine)
  • Weight lifting gloves

I'm surprised no one said this, but I always bring a small snack, because sometimes at the gym you suddenly get so hungry or low blood sugar, and you really need something to eat fast.

Original Post by sadinplaid:

 One thing I found out the hard way = check out how well the pants absorb moisture before you wear a thin pair of gray yoga pants to run 3 miles and have to leave the gym with a big wet behind.

 A-MEN! I can't believe more people haven't mentioned this. Pay for moisture wicking pants/shorts! They don't cost any more than regular work out wear at Target or wherever you decide to shop but it makes a world of difference at the end of your workout. Stretching and then leaving the gym with a huge wet patch around your crotch that makes you look like you pee'd your pants can be quite embarrassing.

I don't really pack a gym bag as I change at home, go to the gym, then go back home and change but I always have a towel, water bottle and Ipod with me. As for the towel, I just stuff mine in the water bottle holder in the treadmills and then carry it around with me during other exercises. If you use machines, it's good thing to have to wipe down the machines with afterwards. Oh I also bring a stopwatch with me to time myself doing planks and occasionally to see how many push ups/burpees/whatever I can do in a minute 'cause I am weird like that Laughing

I'm not the one for advice on this. I have serious EPD - Excess Packing Disorder Undecided

Let's see... My bag always has:

  • sports bra + top/tshirt and/or tank top
  • shorts and/or (depends on what I'm doing... eg for Bodycombat I like large pants but I can't do spinning in those, lol)
  • hand wraps (for BodyCombat class)
  • socks
  • shoes (depending on what I'm doing, eg cross tainers for bodycombat, clip-in shoes for spinning)
  • underwear
  • heart rate monitor (watch)
  • shower gear (shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, sometimes hair mask + moisturizer anti-celulite cream, deodorant, etc. - I go to the gym almost everyday, sometimes I don't recognize my own bathtub, lol)
  • towel (my gym offers 1 free towel, if you need more you have to pay extra - but can be unlimited it depends on the membership pass you have)
  • flip flops
  • a lock
  • water bottle (reusable), energy bar/drink sometimes (like powerade/gatorade) if I work out for more than an hour)
  • swimming gear (in case I feel like going for a swim)

I think that's about it...

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