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thigh master?

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hello all! has anyone tried using a thigh master?? Does it really work? that's like my main problem area!

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Does it work to spot burn fat on your thighs? No.

Primarily because you can't spot burn, but also because it isn't going to burn a lot of calories (compared to say a full body lifting routine) so it isnt' going to be very effective for overall weight loss.

hi thanks for the reply.

i should have put this in my original post...does it work to tone or shape the thigh muscles well? i already have a cardio routine and a diet plan in place. will i notice a difference by adding in the thigh master to my routine?

Again, I'd say compared to a full body routine, no. Squats, deadlifts, lunges, stepups are going to be much more useful for working your lower body muscles.

I've never used a thigh master, so take this with a grain of salt, but essentially, my guess is that it's going to isolate a muscle, and that's not very effective for fat loss, nor is it very useful for working a muscle, compared to compound movements.

true..good call! thanks again!

Original Post by laphipps:

...does it work to tone or shape the thigh muscles well? i already have a cardio routine and a diet plan in place.

 Does it matter? can you look at two people and tell who has a bigger or more 'toned' inner thigh muscle? or how their inner thigh muscles are 'shaped'?

well i can look at two people and tell who has better thighs

You can tell who has less fat on their thighs (which the thigh master won't do anything for) or who has better quads/hamstrings (which it again, won't do anything for) but do you really think you can tell the difference in the 'tone' or 'shape' of someone's inner thigh muscles?

no obviously i cant. i think you know what i meant though...

The Thigh Master does work. I used to use it all the time when I was competing in horse jumping. It definitely targets the inner thigh muscles, and makes them stronger. I always noticed that I could hold on to my saddle/horse much better after training with The Thigh Master. Every competitive/professional horse jumper that I knew at least tried it or heard of it. Many swore by it. It is kind of like any other exercise gadget though - it is hard to keep up with. You can just sit and watch t.v. and use it. Mine is collecting dust somewhere... I do recommend it though.

split squats are great. i used to have a hard time targeting that area. i had the thigh master years ago, almost forgot about it. but seriously the split squats target those muscle because they also come into play when you are balancing. its one of my more mushy areas.

this might sound like a completely stupid question but I just looked at for the split squat and wondered what the difference was from that and the lunge? Other than switching legs, it looks about the same?

I think a split squat is the same as a static lunge.

In NROLFW, there are Bulgarian split squat and lunge with rear foot elevated, and as far as I can tell, the only difference is if the pad side or the nail side of your toe on the back foot is resting on the step/bench, and since my toe tends to cramp in one position, I pretty much do the same thing for both.

Original Post by caloriewarrior:

I do recommend it though.

Recommend it for what???

Because it certainly won't reduce the fat on inner thighs!

You used it in a way that was very specific to your sport.

^ x2

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