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Tendonitis in my heel. What are some good exercises?

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I was diagnosed with tendinitis and arthritis. the pain is in my right foot. my doctor said that going to the gym is not a good idea now until I get some physical therapy sessions but he also said that losing weight will improve my condition tremendously.  I understand that clean eating is a key  but I also want to know what are some good exercises that I can do without exhausting my foot? and how can I do weight training in this case?


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 You know how I always say that people who aren't in rehab should stay off the machines whenever possible?

 Well, welcome to rehab - check with your doctor, but upper body strength training and training the non-affected leg on machines will probably be useful unless you have the kind of arthritis that makes all exercise inadvisable. 

There's also yoga or pilates, I'm sure I've recommended those to you before ;)

I remember you recommended those to me just to reduce stress. I don't think they are good for fat loss. 

If you are physically able to do more, they aren't optimal for increasing your burn. But if the alternative is not doing anything, yoga and pilates are a good way to keep being active while you rehab.

Hi AG, 

the pain is in my right foot only. Do you think biking on a stationary bike will put extra pressure on my foot? what  muscles do stationary bikes use?

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I would ask the doctor if it is okay to do the bike.  I have tedonitis as well and my physical therapist and doctor approved biking and swimming since both of these are non-weight bearing exercises.  Stationary bikes work the calves, quads, glutes and hamstrings.

I would however, make sure to consult with your doctor regarding the biking.  And your physical therapist should be able to give you advise as well.

Thanks, Kiti. I asked my doctor and he approved biking and swimming. I don't swim so that will leave me to the biking only. He said any kind of non weight bearing exercises should be fine. 

My doctor is a busy man. He didn't have time to answer all my questions so I am wondering here. what are non weight-bearing exercises other than swimming and biking? what about weight training? I am assuming upper body exercises are fine but what do I do for my lower body? there is no squats, lunges or anything like that for me. 

how long does it take to heal? will we be able to run?

Hi, had tendonitis in both heels for a couple of years - bloody painful!

Found a good physiotherapist. Also was given exercise by my gym instructor. Most helpful for me was aqua aerobics. The water supports most of your body weight and you don't have to be able to swim. I also checked all my shoes - if they don't give the right support, out they go!  

What shoes that give you the right support? any recommendations? I am having this problem right now and can't find the right shoes.

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