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Tae Bo results?

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Anyone get good results using Billy Blanks?
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When I did tae bo in 2006 I lost about 55 lbs in 3 and a half months.  It worked pretty well toned  me up some.
I bought his dvd just a few weeks ago and it does seem to burn up lots of calories. Definitely saw the tummy reduce. I'm doing it a couple of times a week as well as running/cycling and a bit of yoga or pilates.
Keep it going because I really think you'll see some good results!
iv definitly had some good results with tae bo. the only thing that i can think of that i didnt like is that after a while it gets repetitive wich is the case for all dvd's and (and in my case VHS too) but yes tae bo is a grate work out and visible results with in a couple of weeks

Ive tae bo for years and years. i started it in the summer of 2001 and i did it every single weekday, by the time i went back to school i felt really good about where my body was at. i havent been as obsessive about since then (i just do it every now and then.) BUT, it tones everything. my butt was looking really good, my stomach felt so strong, my arms were shapely, my legs had nice toned. its really worth it. i hope to start my old VHS again soon because i think my body is too used to the daily cardio that im doing now at the gym which is the elliptical, treadmill, and stationary bike, with occasional rowing machine.  My only problem with starting tae bo again is that my dog thinks its the best game ever, which makes it pretty hard! hehe. Either way, good luck with the tae bo. i think you will really like the results. i know i did!

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I haven't worked out in almost 7 years- totally got out of shape and at 5'5", I peaked at 185 llbs in January 2007!!! I knew that my weight was just going to climb and I refused to start buying plus size clothing at only 25 years old- even looking at my old pictures, I kept looking at myself and telling myself that I really didn't look like that.

Then, I decided to slooowly start working out- I didn't really know what to do, so I started to do some simple pushups, situps, walking around more. Afterwards, my mom suggested that I try out some of the Tae Bo videos since she remembered watching them in the late 90's. I went on eBay and started buying his Bootcamp and Tae Bo live videos (I think there's twelve of them in both Advanced and Basic) and I couldn't last 10 minutes of it, I was so out of shape. After a while, I did my best to last as long as possible and within 3 months, I lost 20 pounds and went down from a size 13 to a size 11 (although still pretty tight). Once I reached that mark, I decided I can lose about 10 more pounds. After over one year, I became more energized just doing his videos (I also mix it up with some weighttraining and a few other dance videos) and I absolutely love his motivation and words every time he thinks you're going to give up, he keeps telling you that you can push yourself to reach your goal. So far, I lost over 55 pounds and am a size 5 to 7 and have tons of muscle. I would encourage you to keep at it, like Billy Blanks says, If you got the will, he's got the way!
I love this guy - I bought one of his videos a few years ago whilst I was going for one of my belts in kickboxing just to train me up whilst I was at home. It really does get you sweating lol - I definitely saw a result, I lost a couple of pounds in the first few weeks. Sadly i stopped doing it so never saw the long term results (which I'm sure would have been great) so I found a dvd of him the other day and decided to start up again. I really enjoy it and it definitely makes any other excercise I do seem easier lol! Not that it's difficult, it just pushes you more than you would do yourself - he's a pretty good motivator :)
Your dog comment cracked me up!  My dog loves it when I do any workout video...he thinks we're dancing together.  The problem is he's a pretty big dog.  I usually end up banishing him to the basement until I'm through!


im glad it cracked you up! and im glad my dog isnt the only one thats a little, ummm, confused. lol. i think its a really good idea to banish him, but we dont have a basement so i banish him to my room...the only problem is that its the room with the doggie door so he just runs outside and cries because he thinks im playing without him (which is the saddest cry ive ever heard!) i think im going to try to wait until he goes to sleep and be real quiet while i tae bo my booty off. i need to get back into tae bo, i cant wait! i think ill try it tonight :)

I gained 30 pounds when I was pregnant.  I started Taebo last October and as of today MAy 28th.  I have lost 32 pounds. I LOVE Taebo!

I'm new to this site. I use to do tae bo when I was younger, just for three weeks, and I lost eight lbs. I'm picking it back up again, and am Planning on sticking with it. I wish you luck!

Original Post by emerie:

When I did tae bo in 2006 I lost about 55 lbs in 3 and a half months.  It worked pretty well toned  me up some.

 How often were you doing Tae Bo for this to happen?

Overall, it's a good cardio workout that doesn't require additional equipment or space.  Plus, Billy's attitude on the videos is very encouraging (sure, it was recorded probably 10+ years ago, but that really shouldn't matter while you're the middle of it).

It gets you moving, so what you get out of it will be dependent on what you put into the workout.  Like with any workout, the more you put in, the better the results.

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Taebo with calories control diet work wonderfull. By the way someone lost 10 Kg over 4 month

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