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Does swimming *really* tighten skin?

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Someone posted that under the saddlebags topic - I've never heard of that before. If it's true, I'm tempted to try - just had 2 babies in 13 months and I'm a little stretched out...
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Try it out and let me know if it works... Don't wait 5 years like I did! Haha.
Ever see a fat fish? ^_^


Seriously, though-I keep hearing it does, but haven't the resources to try it for myself.

i think i wuz the one who posted that. yes ive been hearing it for years. So i swim every day now. I will let u know how it turns out.

water also helps too.
I read that the gentle, sweeping motion over the body helps cellulite.  One women swore by it!  And no, I didn't read it in the National Inquirer!  I subscribe to "Oxygen Magazine" and it was in there.  I don't know how true it is, though...
I swim close to 6 miles a week...I still have cellulite on my butt... I don't believe this is true.  Who knows for sure.

did a little research on the subject. I didnt find anything on swimming yet, but one article suggests lifting weights while we are losing fat will cause the skin to stick to the muscle and not sag. If we just lose weight without weight training it will cause the 'saggy skin' routine. Even then, we can then start weight training to tone (not bulk up out of control) and the skin will also begin to tighten but it takes more effort if we do it after the weight loss.

ok , found other articles who put a general spin on the same theme. They all seem to think exersise while we are losing weight seems to be the best way to tighten the skin around our new body.

There is no articles that claim it impossible , and we are stuck with the loose skin. There are also no articles that single out swimming , but probably stands to reason it works the whole body , thus tightens the whole skin.

Medical experts claim the skin is an organ , and suggests Vitamins C, B6, and B12 supplements to make sure our skin is heathy and will show the desired results as we attempt to tighten it to our new healthy body.

However, just taking the vitamins alone wont do the job. Neither will a specific target exersise, but a full body exersise like swimming that works all of the muscles will give the best results.
Swimming is my preferred sport. If you take up swimming, I encourage you to SWIM rather than paddle about protecting your hairdo while having a conversation with someone also paddling along in the lane next to you. Also, that weak little backstroke with your arms barely moving won't cut it. Learn rotational breathing in a stroke improvement course and use it. And don't use the pool for a public bath, holding long converstations while standing still in the water. SWIM! Swimming a crawl stretches every muscle in the body if you work it right.

While you may need to start with a rest at the end of each length (or maybe in the middle) your goal should be to get down and back in under 40 seconds and to do this at least 20 times. That's a bit over 1/2 mile in any competitive pool. In a 40-foot backyard pool, you'll need 61 lengths to get in 1/2 mile. If your pool is shorter than that, IMHO you're wasting your time. Get out the blow-up horsey and get your exercise elsewhere. 

Will swimming take care of loose skin? Who knows? But it will smooth out and strengthen your muscles and it's great exercise.

down here in florida, the standard inground pool is 30 x 15. Thats what we have.

I think its ok, but i agree, i have to do around 75 laps... lol....

but im only up to 20 so far......... keep on pluggin.

i am no medical doctor, but unless you literally have to, try every other method other than surgery.

As for the skin? The research i did leaves me to believe swimming is great, because its a full body exersise, and skin will stick to muscle, and most of us are UNDERWEIGHT when it comes to muscle. But the experts tell us, we need to weight train.

When we think of weight training, we start to think of muscle bound men -and women (my god) - and it isnt that appealing. These folks no doubt took steriods for competitions. I think it looks disgusting. We who just work out to get into great shape wont end up looking like that.

I am told if we work out , we will actually look great. With men its generally a no brainer, but women actually dont 'bulk up'. They end up with athletic , shapely bodies. Very toned.

I find athletic women way more attractive than stick models anyway.

So i am going to lose weight slowly, and allow my skin to stretch back with it. My hope is to have a washboard stomach, not a skinny stomach with a bunch of flabby skin hanging around it.
I've seen people lose a lot of weight quickly and suffer the effects of loose skin.  And yes, they were older...there is something to be said about losing weight and the co-realtion with the elasticity in skin when one is younger.

I personally think the best way is to lose it slowly and smartly.  That way you teach yourself how to eat properly and exercise.  When you lose it quickly and drastically, I don't think there's enough time spent on how to eat once the weight has been lost.

As for the swimming...I didn't think it would rid us women of the dreaded cellulite!!!  Apparently, 90-98 % of women have it!  Ugh!!!!  Of course, I'd imagine that number is for the over 30 range!!!!  Dang age!!!
I have been swimming laps the last 4 months  for 1 hour twice a week **without standing and talking** and the only reason my skin has ever felt tight is when I skip the shower and walk out side all clorinated and into 20 degree weather!! But I seriusloy doubt that it is tightening my skin for any permanant reason.
I think that swimming will have the same effects as any other sport or
excercise on the skin.  If you lose the weight gradually and if
your skin hasn't stretched too far then it will shrink nicely as the
rest of you shrink.  For those of us with a lot more weight to
lose and skin that has been stretched a lot more there's a good chance
that our skin will be looser when we've shrunk and in the cases of
really, really huge weight losses I think the only solution to the
flaps of extra skin is surgery to remove the extra bits.

good post.

The research i did suggested that building muscle helps tighten the skin, as it sticks to muscle. Swimming happens by chance to be a full body exersise so your whole body is working out. Not that being in water will on its own tighten the skin.

The articles i read also indicated that drinking water and taking certain vitimians also helps the skins heath and elasticity.

I dont think we can just get our 20 year old skin back , by swimmin or anything. Age takes its toll.
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