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Sweating Buckets!

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I've noticed, since I started working out, that I sweat. A LOT. Seriously, it just pours off me. People in the gym avoid me, that one girl that looks like she just got dunked in a swimming pool. I'm not overweight or anything, I'm 17, and I eat pretty healthy, so what's going on? I work out moderately for about an hour six days a week, with some weight lifting tacked onto that three days a week. Is this normal to sweat so much? No one else at the gym seems to!!

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It's so normal to sweat, especially if you are working out hard. I know that sometimes when I work out, I barely sweat and then other times, I'd be sweating so much. It depends on the intensity of the workout, I believe.

Some people at the gym aren't... really working out. *shrug* They are not probably pushing themselves as hard as you do, that's why they don't sweat as much? I think it's completely normal to sweat a lot...

Sweating is your body's way of cooling.  We all vary in how quickly we heat up and how our body attempts to cool.  Relax, it is no big deal.

I have always sweated quickly and profusely.  As a runner, it does create a problem running long runs (18 to 20 miles) in high heat (100+).  I sweat about a pound per mile  ...  or 16 oz.  But I am not alone.  We call people who sweat that way "puddlers" because whenever we finish a run there will be a puddle of sweat wherever we stand.

Bottom line.  Accept it.  Embrace it.  Besides, there is not a darn thing you can do to mitigate it.

Oh man, I'm with ya Girlwizabook. I sweat so much. It's ridiculous. It's like, all over my face and chest and arms and ugh. Gross. I heard once that some genetic makeups come with extra sweat glands. I am pretty sure I got these awesome genes. :)  My mom is the same way, she sweats a lot. 


It is a hassle but I've learned to live with it.


Also my face get ridiculously red when I work out. It looks so weird. I'm sure people are looking at me like, whoa what is the deal with that?! Ha. But what can you do? Can't change the way your body reacts so might as well just take a shower and cool down. ;)

Ha.. "puddlers" yeah I'm one of those too.. and my face gets so red when I exercise people think I'm about to collapse or something (actually had someone say that to me).

I ride a bicycle to work, sometimes that means riding in the middle of the day when it's over 100 degrees (I live in Las Vegas) I often arrive at work with a red face!

Nothing you can do about the way your body reacts to heat or exertion so just go for it.. good for you for working out hard and getting all the healthy benefits from that.

I think it's also true that some of those non-sweaty people at the gym aren't putting their full effort into their exercise (more concerned with looking nice than getting a good workout). If they want to waste their time that way, it's up to them (tho why bother getting changed.. just go sit at the juice bar or something)

One thing though.. I've found it's better to cool off first then shower or I actually continue sweating after my shower!

def i sweat alot too! jelous of the people that dont sweat at alll!

Definitely with you guys on this one! Last week I had a day where I couldn't find a dry spot on my t-shirt (shoulders and bottom hem included)! And I always end up with major salt lines on everything! Funny thing though, my guy friends are always impressed and oddly turned on by all the sweat...

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