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Do you sweat when lifting?

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I notice that, when lifting, I either don't sweat at all, or sweat very little at times. When doing cardio though, I sweat buckets!

Does this mean I'm not pushing myself hard enough?

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I don't sweat much when doing weight lifting either, but I like you do when I am doing cardio.  I have always thought is was because lifting doesn't raise your heart rate as much as cardio.  I would like to hear what others think as well.

I definitely sweat more during cardio, and I used to hardly sweat at ALL while doing weights. Then I started to really push myself with reps and amount of weight. I definitely sweat more now. Like, beads of sweat pop out on my skin. Especially if I do weights AFTER having done cardio, then I just drip all over. (Yeah, it ain't pretty.)
 Depends on the program - when I'm doing power training with 3-5 reps at 80-95% of my 1RM I don't sweat much; when I'm doing volume training with 8-12 reps and minimal rest I sweat a little, when I'm doing circuit training with no or minimal rest I need to wipe the floor off afterwards.
Oh, I definitely sweat a ton. This week I'm doing 2 reps of 100+% (obviously, my 1RM has gone up), and still end up dripping, but that's me. I remember once, back in high school, I was powerlifting. I warmed up but stayed pretty dry. I went up there, did my one rep, and I could feel myself start beading up on my forehead.

But to answer your question about what it all means...I have no idea

I think I may be resting too long between sets. Maybe I should start carrying a timer.

I sort of do circuit training and i sweat a ton, i think its the rest breaks or lack there of that do it.

I have to admit people do look at me funny when everyone else is having a rest bettween sets, there i am doing pushups haha.



I'm a sweating type of person anyways, even when doing nothing. I definitely sweat when lifting- I think I'm going to get a pair of gloves 'cause that bar gets pretty slippery at times! Not good! :D

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I sweat a river when lifting weights...ohoooo speaking of lifting I should go back to it sometime this weekend or the following Monday :)

I sweat when lifting, but not as much as during cardio.  I think it's partly because I've being doing a lot of cardio for a long time, so my body recognizes that I'm going into that mode sooner, and the sweat starts gushing, lol.  I've only been really lifting for about two months, and initially I didn't sweat as much as I do now, and I think was working about as hard, although lifting lighter weights. 

I dunno.

Sometimes I do sometimes I don't - it depends on the room condition and how much water I've consumed prior to going to the gym.  If I drink extra water I sweat more.  The level of activity has no effect really for me its just whether I have the extra water in the system to give up I guess.

this is a good question to see ppl's responses too.  personally, i always sweat lifting.  but i definitely sweat more when i'm doing more volume, like if it's more about pumping up my heart rate w/complexes and whatnot v. single lift sets.  but like i can do three reps of single legs squats and totally start perspiring. 

i never feel like i am getting a good workout unless there's some sweating involved. last night i did lifting, i sweated (altho not that much) & my heart was definately pounding & that was just doing upper body.

I sweat a lot a lot!

idk, When I first started lifting I didn't sweat but I knew I was really working it out bc the next day the area was sore as all heck!

Now? Well now I sweat when I lift (pretty much stayed at around the same amount of lifting too, maybe 15lbs more on the hammies/glutes now). But I work up a pretty good sweat. I also do not feel sore very much anymore. lol... I think I just realized I need to up my weights. lol....

just got back from sweating at the gym, & on my hrm, i went up to 160+ bpm at times of lifting so i know im working my body. altho it could've been a bit higher this time because of my stupid inhaler.

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