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Not sure if I'm mad but...

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I'm thinking of trying my first run in the snow tonight! I went for a run the other night when it was about -1 (C) and found it ok. The only thing I found was that despite wearing running longs, I got a really cold butt and the tops of my thighs, which didn't warm up during the whole run, and took ages to warm up again when I got home. My core and extremeties were fine, just my thighs and butt that suffered!

So I'm wondering about doubling up on the layers for my bottom half and putting another pair of track pants over my running longs. Has anyone run like this before in the cold? I'm just wondering if it will have any impact, like making it harder or less comfortable? Or does anyone have any other tips they do to run in this weather? Unfortunately I don't own any thermal longs yet, and I'm thinking woollen stockings would be far too restricting!

Many thanks


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I went out last week when there was snow on the ground. I had only gone out to go for a walk and do some snow walking cause I know how great it can be, but I ended up doing walk/run intervals at the local school. I was never cold at any point and here is what I did. I wore a pair of jogging pants underneath a pair of ski pants, I wore two pairs of socks, two shirts, ski gloves, a scarf, and a hat that covered my ears and it was just barely above 0 at the time.

You're mad all right ;) I'm using last night's snowfall as an excuse to sit under a blanket and read all day. 

I've found that when I run in the cold, my legs are the part of me that stays the warmest. Sometimes I run in subfreezing temperatures wearing SHORTS...but mostly because I never bought long pants to run in because I lived in a much warmer climate before moving to the UK. Still, the other day I went out wearing plain old sweatpants, and it didn't make much of a difference. I probably went a little slower due to the combination of the cold and the bulky pants, but I don't feel like I got less of a workout. And I didn't fall over or anything, and I'm pretty clumsy so if I could do it, I don't see how an extra layer of track pants would hurt you!

Original Post by ashleigh_w:

I'm just wondering if it will have any impact, like making it harder or less comfortable?

Only one way to find out.


I get the cold thighs too, even when I run in my thermal longs with an extra pair of shorts over them. It doesn't really bother me though since they defrost in the shower, and I can honestly say I enjoy cold weather runs - I think they feel refreshing.

The biggest issue for me in the cold is exercise induced asthma. I find that I can usually keep from getting wheezy by doing a longer, more gradual warm-up.

I use an old pair of pantyhose under my running tights, and then a pair of black running shorts on top of the tights.


Sexy I know. But this works for me up to about - 15

We have tons of snow where I live.... I honestly try to avoid doing any outdoor activity in the winter... only because it gets extremely cold here....

However, today is pretty mild, only about -3 or -4.. so I am going to bring my dog for a walk. I just find the road conditions bad.. too much ice in spots and you could so easily fall down.. but yeah, just bundle up:) I'm not sure if this affects your body or not.. I would the cold would have your body working more?? I really have no idea!

+1 to sully.

I'm the opposite though. I can still go out in shorts, but just need a light jacket and gloves. A beanie would be nice too, though.

If it is just your thighs and butt, maybe bike shorts (under your pants) would be the ticket. Get the cheapos that don't have the padded liner in the crotch.


Thanks for the tips everyone. I didn't end up going last night as when I  stepped off the bus (and almost flat on my face) I realised running when it's actually snowing may not be the safest idea on icy/slippery roads! I'm going to try it tonight though and am going to try a knee length pair of leggings under my running longs. I'll let you know tomorrow how my thighs and butt fare! Wink

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