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Suggestions for modified ab workout

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I have been working out consistently for over a year and I have to say that I am fairly fit for someone my age.  Due to a back problem (arthritis of the spine, degenerated discs-L4, L5, S1) I have been advised to avoid exercises that require fast twisting, keeping both legs straight up in the air, and excessive jumping. I also cannot stretch as much as I would like to be able to, and pushing myself with that has kept me out of the gym from time to time. (note-I have had 4 kids; all by c-section).

Despite the advise, I do some high impact work-outs and step classes, but I am very careful about my form and have had minimal problems as a result.  However, when I do an ab workout and I attempt exercises that involve my legs up, I experience discomfort.  Leg-up exercises, from what I understand, is the only way to work the lower portion of the abdominal muscle.  Does anyone know of anything else I can do to work the lower core?
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Whenevr you work your abdominals your are working the entire abdominal wall. there is no upper and lower abs. as long as you bring your hips closer to your sternum you will work the entire abdominal wall. when nuscles are connected they can either fully contract and fully relax, there is no splitting it up. so don't worry about working your "lower abs", if you are working the abdominal wall you will be working the whole thing.
Thanks for the reply, bodyscience.  I did know that the 'abs' are really only 1 big muscle, but I did not realize about the contractions.  I have no problem as long as one leg is bent and on the floor so I guess I don't have to feel hopeless.

I wonder why, then, all trainers seem to do exercises that (attempt to) ifocus on the lower abs?...
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