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Strength training with a broken ankle - suggestions?

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Hi all, I dislocated my right ankle (and broke the tibia & fibula) almost 2 months ago, and had two surgeries. I'm no longer in a cast, but I won't be able to put any weight on my broken foot until mid-September. I want to keep some muscle tone (and hopefully gain some) in my legs and was wondering if anyone can recommend some exercises I can do.

I was thinking of getting some elastic bands; I'd be able to put them around my thighs or calves and do some work that way, and I can sort of do squats from the knee of my injured leg, but I'm not sure how to get enough weight/resistance to increase muscle without being able to stand. I'm not sure if there's much hope for my right calf until I can walk; it's currently 2 inches smaller than the left one from lack of use, but if anyone has suggestions I'd love to hear them!


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swimming,u wont put weight or pressure on ur ankle ,now concerning weight lifting i dont think its wise to apply any pressure on it whetever the weight.
 Yup - no stressing the fracture until it heals! Your best bet is to contact a physical theraphist who specialises in that sort of injury rehab - you want a program that's specifically designed for you, not something generic that may or may not work.

Give it time to heal without adding any weights by band or otherwise. I know it is distressing to watch the leg waste and lose tone. However, if you shift those bones any you may not be able to do any strenuous exercises without getting it rebroken. Who wants that?!Cry

Now for the good news, once you get the ok to slowly start using it again, you will probably, eventually set up an exercise regimen that exceeded your previous workouts.  It won't be quick though--2 months or more before you can do any kind of pounding exercise like run.  Be easy and work into it. You can concentrate on core muscles now.

You must speak with your physician and physical therapist before you attempt to do anything that could potentilly cause further injury.  Once you get the weight bearing restriction lifted, I'm sure you'll have several physical therapy sessions that will address range of motion and strengthening.

Thanks for your input everyone. Guess I'll just have to stick to range of motion for now ='(

As badly as you're jacked up now, DO NOT MAKE IT WORSE.  Ask your doc before you try anything even remotely like exercise.  And do what he says.  Weight bearing joints already don't heal well.  Show yourself some love and give your body time to heal properly. 

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