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strapless heart rate monitor help

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Does anyone use a strapless hear rate monitor? I use a Polar one that has a strap that keeps getting unsnapped. So I am looking to buy a new one. I researched some out there. Most of the strapless ones need you to touch buttons on the face, they display the calories. But I was wondering if there is a strapless HRM out there that you don't have to touch the buttons on the face?
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Invest in a new strap - sounds like you have one of the older straps that aren't encoded.  Is it like (encoded) this or like this (non coded)

Get the encoded one and it won't come unstrapped.


also for good calorie burn and better monitoring you need a chest strap model and Polar is what I've used for over 7 years with no problems/

Yes I have the non encoded one. This really helps I will get encoded kind :) i need a brand new polar 3 year old polar is acting up with the display fading in and out.
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