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Steps per day

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I find the guidelines on here for sedentary, lightly active, moderately active, etc to be a bit vague, so I did a google search on how many steps per day is considered ideal and found this (sorry I don't know how to make it a link): d/2004/00000034/00000001/art00001

Basically, the article is saying that:

Sedentary = <5000 step

Low Active = 5000-7499 steps

Somewhat Active = 7500-9999 step

Active = 10000-12499 steps

Highly Active = 12500+ steps

Thoughts?  Does this sound accurate?  Is there anyone here who actually walks 12500 or more steps every day??  To be honest, I'm lucky if I get in 5000, and on most days, it's closer to 2000.  I realize I'm pretty lazy and need to step it up a bit, but 10000-12500 steps a day seems like a LOT!

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Yes, that's accurate.  I run a study right now in which postmenopausal women steadily increase their steps walked per day to 10,000 steps per day.  Most the women come in around 2,000-3,000 steps and steadily increase without any problems.  We have had a few - like a waitress and a day care worker - who started at more than 10,000 steps.  So, yes, it's very possible :)

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Ugh, guess I'd better add a "steps per day" goal to my lifestyle plan lol.

We had them do a 10% increase the first week, then 25% increase each week thereafter until they got to 10,000 steps.  That seemed to work pretty well.

Well, I don't count steps, but I am pretty sure that I clock in over 10K steps (which is apparently 5 miles or so) most days.  I walk fairly frequently at work, partly to think, and partly because the people who I support work far down the hall, and the printer isn't near me either.  In addition to that, I walk 2 miles a day at lunch, and I run 3-5 miles after work.  Weekends, I don't do the walk at lunch, but I do errands and cleaning, and my runs are typically longer.

It probably sounds like a lot, but walking at lunch is a great break from the day's struggles, and it's easy enough that it doesn't interfere with my running.  I think that like many things, it's just a matter of finding/committing yourself to the time and then slowly building up to it.

It is hard to get over 12,500 if you don't have a job that keeps you on your feet.  On my busiest work day, I usually get in around 17,500 to 20,000 steps, but that includes 5 hours of solid walking at work, plus 4 miles of walking to school and back.  And yes, my feet hurt really bad when I get home on those days.

17,500 to 20,000 - fantastic!!!!!

I recently got a pedometer and a good day for me is 14,000.  If I start my day with a 2 - 3 mile walk, I hit my goal. 

10,000 is just a good dog walk for me.  i don't wear my pedo very often; i know i get a little better than 100 steps per minute, so it's an easy estimate.

megan, 10k is just over 6 miles ;)

yesterday i did 28000 and a game of tennis (which im sure counted for more!!) i dont normally do that much. it'd be more like 18000-22000.

but im immune to its calorie burning effects now!

approximately how many steps are there in a mile?  I'd like to know, since i'm a college student and I regularly walk anywhere from 4-5 miles around campus every day.  I've never counted them though :)

Hi foodismysin! I have read somewhere that  a mile is approximately 2000 steps, so i got a pedometer that measures distance and it said for me anyway 1926, so i guess that must right, i take short, fast steps  though! hope this helps!

thanks, barbara Cool absolutely helpsSmile

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I live in South China near Hong Kong, the pavements here alongside the rivers are fantastic to walk on, I find it no problem to walk 12500+ per day, weekdays I split it into 3 walks and Sat/Sun I do 2 walks, today Easter Sunday, my morning walk was 9000+ and the afternoon was 16000+, my feet get sore but I soak them at night with Chinese foot powder disolved in hot water, for 1 hour, my legs ache in the morning but when I get walking all pain disapears, works for me.



Sadelsor, South China. 

Alas, if you have a short stride you will have to walk more steps to get in 5 miles a day.  I am 5 feet tall and have a stride like a hamster.  My 1.1 miles (so far) is 2,977 steps.  I walked 7.98 miles yesterday - a total of 21,069 steps. 

But getting in those steps really is not all that hard.  The old suggestions of "park far from your destination", "take the stairs", "go to your coworkers office instead of emailing", are all true.  My personal fav - never, ever yell to family from another room, go talk to them face to face. 

I think you'd be surprised by how a quick nip round the shops helps to boost your step count too. I'm not very active and recently bought a pedometer to see how many I do... It's about 3,500-4,000 a day if I'm not really doing much (I work in an office during the day). But if I go to the supermarket or take a trip to the shops and have a look round all the clothes (I'm not talking a day trip out, just 20-30 mins maybe) then my daily steps easily goes up to 7,000.

I also find that doing the Wii Fit step aerobics is good, I can do over 3,000 steps in 30 mins on the free step mode. This plus a look round the shops plus my normal every day steps and I'd be up to 10,000.

1 hr of a high intensity step class [ what i recommend] and the av. participant will step 8000 to 12000 thousand steps. that is in ONE hour.


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