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Stationary Exercise Bike ???what are watts???

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Hi I have got a stationary bike but am unsure how to log it. When I look up stationary bike it says things like:

  • Bicycling - Stationary, 150 Watts, Moderate Effort
  • Bicycling - Stationary, 100 Watts, Light Effort
  • Bicycling - Stationary, General
  • Bicycling - Stationary, 200 Watts, Vigorous Effort
  • Bicycling - Stationary, 50 Watts, Very Light Effort

what the heck do 'watts' mean? the equvialant of the moderate for normal cycling appears to be

  • Bicycling - 12-13.9 Mph, Leisure, Moderate Effort

so should I go by the speed eqivalant? So 12-13.9mph would be 150watts?


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Watt is the amount of power that you are generating by pedaling.  It is the latest thing when it comes to cycling.  Much like heart rate, watts do not lie.  If you are pedaling on flat, pushing 150 watts you might go 17 mph.  When you hit a hill, you might be pusing 150 watts but only going 10 mph.  The level of effort is the same and consistent.  The stronger you are, the more watts you will generate with less effort.

Do you actually have watts on your stationary bike?  I would go by perceived level of effort or rate of perceived exertion (RPE).  On a scale of 1-10, 10 being hardest, moderate effort would be 5 or 6, not quite breathing hard.  Light effort would be 3 or 4, breathing easy, and vigorous would be breathing heavy but not gasping.  Light would be spinning effortlessly.

Once you get a feel for how many watts you generate at those level of efforts, you can make adjustments to suit you.

Good luck! and have fun :-)

I am glad someone finally asked this question because I had no idea.  I have found, though, that if I just use Bicycling - Stationary, General, the calories burned are pretty much the same as what the bike says I burned.

Power meter is the shiznit. I have it on my bike. :) Yeah go with General, or 150W.

200W Vigorous effort. he he.


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