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getting a stationary bike!! :)

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Ok its not new but its FREE!!!!!!!  a girl that works with hubby is moving and told him he could have it!  he said its not bad, it give mph and distance. AND ITS FREE!!!!

Im so excited!  I needed this today to get back motivated!  so let me hear from anyone that has a stationary bike!! Ive only done one like 3 times in my life and that was before my wedding!

I see I can burn alot on it too! yippee!
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Hi! I've been on this site for a while, but have never posted. (Just lurked!=)) I started out with a magnetic recumbent bike to help me get in shape after having my second child. It really helped, and that was 4 years ago.  I still use it today along with other things to help mix things up every now and then. I don't know how accurate the calorie counter is on mine,  so I usually go by distance. It's great for when it's raining or to cold to exercise outside. (I live in northern Michigan-brrrr-winter) Plus, it can still kick my butt after all these years!!  Don't know if that helped, but I like mine.
thanks!  I like to mix things up, it keeps me on top of my game!  Im sure I will have a blast with it!  Im in Upstate NY so Its cold here too!
I have one. That is what i got myself for the first 20 pounds lost. Good gift to myself huh... I wish mines was free.. LOL.. I say.. If it is free ride it until the wheel come fling off.. Mines tell me the same thing Distance, heart rate and calories burned. I get to sit down and paddle like i am on a paddle boat. I love it. It is fun. AND when i can put my hands on the handles and see my heart rate i really start to paddle hard when i am in the fat burning zone. I love it. YOU will love it a lot too..
now Lynn you know Im going to try to incorporate my weights on this thing!  it will be where I can see the tv and Im sure I can jump off it quicker than the treadclimber!

I have a paddle boat so it will get me ready for that! yippee!
That is good. If you got ankel weights put them on your legs. I do that with my bike. It really works my legs out good. I sit there and ride for 20 mins in the morning if i can't go and get my walk in. I have not moved up to an hour yet. I can't sit down that long. I get bore to quick..But i can dance for hours.
I figured tonight I will try for an hour, its new to me so I will be motivated. I do have the ankle weights so I will add that too.  If I could add it to my routine for 10-15 mins along with 30 mins cardio and 10 mins arms and 10 mins of abs I should be good!
Slappy, you will love the bike...!
Best part is, most are quiet enough to watch TV, and now that I know how many calories I can burn in 45-60 approx. minuted on the bike, it's hard to coax myslef into exercising for longer for the same amount of calories burned.

I usually do 45 mins. or so if I am exercsing in the a.m. (About 3x per week) And do something else on my night exercises (Usually 2x per week) To mix things up- but you'll really get hooked on it- it feels GREAT! Let me know how it goes!
my only thing is my legs have been in great shape so I know it will shape them even more but I really need my arms and stomach worked.  So I guess I will have to still do some cardio!
Yeah cardio is great. It is good for that extra sweat you need. You have a great plan.  I really like it.
I am so happy for you slappy.  A free bike.  Nothing can beat that.  My husband and I have a 3 bedroom house and we converted one of the bedrooms into an exercise room.  We have weights, bike, and a total gym system.  This fall, we plan on getting a treadmill.  Who knows, we might even put up mirrors on one wall too!!

Glad that you are happy slappy!!
thanks!  We got it last night and its an Air bike...the arms move too so I was happy about that!

We transformed our basement!  we have a bowflex treadclimber, dip bars (?), a punching guy, my steps, weights, exercise balls, and now the bike....I think thats all!  we want to get the new bowflex machine but that will wait to cold weather comes back!
You got a little gym going do you. I got one too. I wish i had the bowflex i really could use one... YOU are doing great.. I am so proud of you.. Good going on your new bike. Yard sales for looking for other things to add to the gym.
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