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Starting to feel a little sick...what do you do?

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What do you guys do if you feel that you may be coming down with something. I have a scratchy throat and just overall feel sort of ...."bleh". However, today is my day off which is great but tomorrow...Monday I normally go to the Y and workout. What do you guys do if you think you might get sick? Do you not workout? Or do you do something lighter? Maybe just some yoga?

(It seems Ive become addicted to working out. who would have thought)
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I read in a magazine or something once that if it's below your neck (stomach, chest, etc.) you shouldn't work out, but if it's in your head (i guess throat would probably count in that) like a cold, you can still work out. Do what you think you can handle
yeah I'm not sure. We'll see how I feel tomorrow morning. It's in my throat but I have a cough, which is...chesty and sort of dry. I just tried to nurse my body today with a lot of water and vitamins so we'll see.

Thanx for the input. I guess I'll just need to use my best judgment.
I agree with's true that if your symptoms are below the neck, you should probably not workout.  Above the neck, it's OK.  Just see how you feel.
See how you feel tomorrow when you feel when you wake up tomorrow.  I would say if you feel ok than work out but take it sort of easy.  I load up on Vitamin C and drink warm tea.  See how you feel as the day goes on.  If you get worse I would take the next day off and take it easy.  if you push too hard you will not get better and you workout will suffer for sure.  key is to nip in the bud early.

Feel better and take it easy :)
if you really feel you must do something, just take a stroll around the block or something. won't worsen any symptoms if you take it nice and easy.

 the fresh air certainly can't hurt any, either.
chocorific --- that's true. I walk around the city a lot just going to classes/ sessions that sort of thing but maybe i'll just take a nice walk tomorrow and enjoy the sun we are actually going to see tomorrow. the fresh air definitely will help

Thanx guys! I'm gonna hit the hay early...try to sleep this thing away.
The one thing being fit has taught is to always listen to my body; it knows exactly what it needs!
My spin class instructor says that if he starts to feel sick, he'll go in the steam room for a bit to get his immune system going.  You might want to try that, if you have access to one!
yeah..... Im not going to the Y this morning. Maybe in the afternoon if I feel better. My throat is burning, and I coudlnt' really talk when I woke up. I want to be healthy and overworking my body is not going to get me there.
Might it be allergies?  I know mine have been tromping me really well these last few months.  Even people I know who don't usually have them have been getting trounced. 

I usually just do what I feel like doing if I'm ill.  Usually, that's sleep, but if I'm feeling up to it, I go for cardio or even weights.  Light cardio is often all I have the focus for, though.  If you feel like you'll be find doing it, you probably will, but if you start to feel worse or even just kinda off, stop and do something ligther or nothing at all. 
I know this sounds nutty, but I'm tellin' you it works.  As soon as I feel something coming on, I start taking raw garlic.  Two cloves a day, one in the morning, one at night.  Chop it up fairly fine, pile it up on a spoon and chase it with a big glass of water.  You could also put it in food, but it needs to be raw, not cooked, so things like guacamole or caesar salad dressing would work too.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic and antiviral, it'll kill whatever ails ya!

From the reference library of (great resource, btw):

Fight colds, flu, sore throat, and other types of infections. Garlic's antiseptic and antibacterial abilities were actually recognized centuries ago. Modern research confirms that, at least in the laboratory, the herb fights the germs responsible for causing the common cold, flu, sore throat, sinusitis, and bronchitis. Findings indicate that one of garlic's therapeutic constituents, allicin, blocks key enzymes that aid bacteria and viruses in their effort to invade and damage tissues.

and don't push the workouts, go with how you feel.  Sometimes a good cardio workout helps get the blood moving through my head and seems to help clear things out, but if you're feeling down and out, let your body do its thing.  Goes without saying drink lots of fluids. And if you end up with a fever, let it do its thing, don't take tylenol or aspirin unless it gets over 103.  a low level fever is killin' germs!

Feel better k!
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