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Squats - why can't I feel my butt working?

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I always feel squats in the front of my legs, but not my butt.  Shouldn't I feel my butt working too?  I think my form is good - weight back in the heels, not taking knees beyond the toes, etc.  Any thoughts?

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most of the time you really won't feel it in your butt, but the day after it should be a little sore. You have to remember it is the biggest muscle in your body so it will be difficult to make it tired before your quads get tired. as long as you see results I wouldn't worry about it.
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Thanks very much bodyscience.  Here's another squat-related question: I find I don't get fatigued very quickly doing these.  Should I increase reps or add weights?
as long as your form is good, I would increase weight, if your form starts to fail then increase the reps to about 20 with a weight you normally use for 10 reps
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Thanks again bodyscience!

Yes I feel the same sometimes! I am desperately trying to form a better butt. I want it round and muscular. I want to be able to see a big curve from the side/profile. I do squats with the resistance bar the one that slides down the two sides. I even do them with one leg at a time. Am I on the right track? Any advice?



Try lunges or deadlifts!
That's what I do when I just use one leg. I haven't done walking lunges. Maybe I need to do that too.
straight-legged deadlifts totally transformed my butt. it's a lot rounder and harder than it ever was before.
Really? I do those too but I don't do them as often. I sort of do them on my upperbody days because I thought it worked your lower back more. I'm going to add them to my leg day! Whew I will be in the gym 3 hours by the time I finish all my excercises. Any more tips from anyone?
when you're doing the straight legged deadlift, focus on pulling up through your hamstrings and squeeeeeeeeze your butt at the top. check out this link, scroll down to "stiff legged deadlift." it's an awesome exercise.
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Squeeze your butt a bit first, and keep your back straight. I've noticed sooo many people do squats leaning forward- STOP IT you aren't maximizing your time. Try to hold your back to 90 degrees, feet hip width or just a little wider, and slowly lower yourself, trying to get your thighs parallel to the floor. Do that a few times and you'll feel it. The people who lean hold out it fitness classes longer than the ones who stay at 90 degrees- I had a class where the teacher pointed it out if we weren't at 90, and those who usually held out longer collapsed. Even better- try jump squats, and wide leg jump squats.
And make sure you're not bending your knees past your toes. Knees should stay in line with ankles and sit back. Squeeze your butt cheeks together on the way back up. Try with your feet hip width apart and toes straight forward and don't overestimate the size of your hips - lots of people do. Try with your your toes pointing out somewhere between 5 to 1/10 to 2 on the clock. And then try with your feet wider apart. Try squatting lower, or not as low and see where you feel it. Also try doing some half squats where you squat down then only come up half way and do small ones at the bottom. You should be able to feel it if you do it right.
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i know this sound silly, but try thinking to force with your butt. Works for me !
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