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Sports Bras for the Well Endowed?

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Hey, I've been trying to do more cardio and I love running, but frankly, at DDD it hurts and it's embarrassing. Does anyone know of a good sports bra that will hold the girls in place?
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Have u tried looking is lingerie specialty shops? Or (for lack of a better term) a 'sex' shop? They can surprisingly carry a wide arrange of bras. I'm in the same boat at 36 J, I've yet to find a sports bra in my size. Have u ever been professionally sized? I wore 40 DDD and found there was little support until I got fitted and now I can wear my everyday bras when doing cardio, however I'm on the elliptical so its a little different( less jiggle). Hope I helped, good luck!
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My friend is a runner and she suggested two websites to me for really good sports bras, I just emailed her to remind me of what they are, I'll post again once she writes back.  But I've also heard of people who just double up on the bras when they have a larger bra size (this is what my friend does right now as she's pregnant and didn't want to buy a new bra just for the pregnancy)
Sorry that I can't help you with any ideas for places or brands to purchase, but I wanted to share this.  I was watching a show where they were actually doing experiments to test what type of sports bras worked best for different ranges of cup sizes.

The results were hardly surprising.  The smaller-chest ed ladies did great with those "plain" sports bras; the kind that are made of supportive but stretchy fabric with a racer back that you just pull on over your head.

For the larger sizes, though, the best bras were those that are made with fabric that does *not* stretch.  I can't think of the exact term they used for the fabric, but you'll know it when you feel it - it's got a very stiff feel and it doesn't have much "give" to it.  Underwire sports bras are also good for larger sizes.  Also, no matter what the bra is made of, do not get the type that have the two "compartments" (for lack of a better word,) one for each breast.  I'm not talking about "cups" like an underwire would have, but it's actually two very distinct "compartments."  Those didn't do a thing. 

I am a C cup.  From personal experience, I have had good luck with Danskin brand bras.  They have a grading system based on activity level.  For running, the highest grade one (heavy activity) has been awesome.  It's made of that stiff fabric, and I'm tellin ya, they don't move AT ALL when I run.

Good luck!
Well, for obvious reasons I don't have any personal experience... but I do rememeber what others have said about the issue. User Feanor had a suggestion the other day in a running thread:
BTW I am DD and I've had the worst worst worst time with my boobs! lol. Whether jogging or horse back riding (ouch) I was always so jealous of girls with smaller boobs because mine just HURT if I went too fast. =( I've finally found ONE bra that works though. They're expensive and they feel like you're wearing a freaking piece of body armor at first, but after wearing them both jogging on foot and trotting and loping on a horse I've decided it's totally worth it.. I feel completely "stable" up there! It's seriously amazing.. and (for those of you who like detail) it may LOOK like you get the uniboob due to the tightness of the material coming across your chest, HOWEVER your boobs still stay separately in place, not squished together like most of those other crappy sports bras I've tried.

And I wouldn't be recommending them if I wasn't really happy with my own and completely sure you want one, believe me.. I actually heard about them through another CCer. =) Happy non-sagging.

That's probably what you're looking for in terms of support, I do believe?
I am not well-endowed, but I hate any kind of movement at all when I am working out, so maybe I can help.  Something I do is wear a good sportsbra and then a long bra top over that (like a Nike running top).

Moving Comfort bras great - one to check out is called Fiona.  Go for the ones designated for running.  Specialty websites like and will have reviews and ratings, which I have found very helpful.  I think also carries enell.

Another thing to note is that your bras will wear out over time and with washing.  I tend to replace mine every 6-8 months - I'll "demote" the running bras and only use them while doing low-impact stuff like weight lifting or cycling.

Oh I have the BEST one for you to try!

It is called the Frog Bra and is made by Title 9 sports. I used to have to wear two sports bras to prevent bouncing and this has been a savior for me. There is a vey high spandex content, meaning that it does not stretch much and holds the girls in place. It was single handedly the best purchase I made last year. ailmain.jsp?itemID=2166&itemType=PRODUCT& amp;iMainCat=674&iSubCat=676&iProduct ID=2166

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Here's what my running friend said:

I know Title9 sports carries the Enell. I'll ask some of the larger-chested
ladies on my running forum for some other recommendations... Title9 is
expensive and the Enell is expensive though it is supposedly the best. Also
the Frog Bra. And Champion has some good ones too.

mmm I'm a 34 DD-DDD here.  I run several miles daily.  I just got one off it's called the Bendon Sport  Max Out High Impact Underwire Sports Bra.  It's the best thing ever.  Comes in lots of sizes, not too sure about yours, but practically nothing comes in mine.  Anyway, it's actually kind of nice too.  Can wear it without a problem under a racerback tank.  Doesn't look like a girdle type of thing or anything.  I LOVE IT!  And it was $55. also has tons of other maximum support sports bras so you should at least take a gander.

I'm down to a 34 D now, but these are my FAVORITE sports bras... I don't know what I did before them: edirect.cfm?sectionID=b2c/style/productDetail s.cfm&itemID=30133-0010&itemCategoryL evel1=173


*Jumping up and down excitedly* Enell!  Go for Enell!  Melkor's right, they are the very very best (and we should all be impressed that he knows about them and bothered to share the info).

I started running at a DDD and was very upset by the upper body jiggle.  Enell solved that problem.  This is NOT a bra you want to wear around the house -- it really is made for sports and will keep you totally in place.

And hey, Oprah endorses it as the best sports bra ever!  Um, I hope that's a positive in your book...?
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well me being a B wouldnt know. But i know that he Calvin Klein ones are great. Also go to and JJB or JD store and on the back of the sports bras there is a guide to which you will need for a certain activity. Hope this helps.


I am skeptical that Enell would work given one of their "sizes" encompasses 34DD-34DDD-36D-36DD.  First off, they don't even go to G, second off, a 34 F isn't exactly the same as a DDD, and third, I know from sad experience that a 36D and 34DDD are TOTALLY different sizes.  At the moment I use a regular underwire bra with a champion compression style sports bra overtop.  The problem- to get the jiggle under control I have to have the compression bra tight enough that it's a tad hard to breathe. I may buy one from that offers sports bras in specific cup sizes, but I don't want to fork over the cash until I reach my goal weight. For now, I run with my ribcage squished, not unlike a corset. :)


I agree with noelle, bravissimo are the best. I am a 34E and I order all of my bras and sports bras from them. They even have strappy tops with supports and bikinis with supports inside them. Lots of variety for all sizes but a bit pricey.
I have been using  Very happy with the selection and prices.
For those that are skeptical about Enell for larger sizes, I was too...until I tried them. I couldn't find anything else that would come close to fitting me as a 38 JJ. They are awesome! And, as I have gone down in sizes, I have had to get a smaller size but they work wonderfully! I could not imagine that anything could honestly work better. I have had NO complaints except when I first got it I thought it couldn't possibly work. It did and VERY well!

Thanks so much everyone! I'm looking into enell and the links right now- i"m excited to maybe finally find a bra that will let me run without the ouch! Laughing Thanks again

Do you or anyone else remember when nike put out the encapsulated scoop back sports bra in the late 90's. It was the best support bra I've even had, and it lasted me years. I wish I had bought 10 if I had know they were going to discontinue them. It was style# Nike style #281103. I wonder if any could be found anywhere for sale?

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