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What Speed do you do on the treadmill?

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I always wondered what is a good speed to walk on the treadmill?  I always walked outside and notice that when I'm on the treadmill I tend to walk much faster, but I still wonder if my speed is too slow.  I usually do 3.8 - 4.2, with barely an incline.  Is that average, better than average?  Share your thoughts.
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Im pretty short (5 1) so anything over 3.0 or so is a VERY fast walk...i cant keep fact when/if i do jog its only at 4 or 4.5...

my typical pace is ~2.8 with a 2.5-3 incline :D  Im a fan of incline over speed, but thats just my opinion with my short legs :-P
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I'm 5'1 and I usually do 3.0 - 3.5 on elliptical trainer. I always have the levels on hard though so that it builds my strength in my legs as well. I'd rather go slow pace and high resistance than fast pace and low resistance.
This is so funny!  All 3 of us are 5'1"!!! hehe  Great!
If your walking on the treadmill, start at 3.5 for 2 mins then go upto 4.5 for 2 mins, then back to 3.5 for 2 mins then back upto 4.5...

You will ose weight faster than jsut walking at one speed..  trust me.. plus if you switch speeds every 2 mins you will walking much longer...
haha yeah i see that, so how do you keep up going so fast :D your legs must be longer than mine are :D
I am breaking the cycle at 5'4"! I am a runner, so I abuse the treadmill. I do at least 2 miles staying over 7.6 (no incline). After that, a cool down at 4.0 with an incline of 4-10 (intervals of 20 sec up and down). The run is usually under 15 min 20 sec and the cool down is about 5 minutes.
5.6 or 5.8 on a gradient of 6. - fast up hill walking for 10mins
I usually walk 3.0 for my warm-up/cool down. 

For my workout, I walk 4.0 and alternate it with jogging at 6.0 mph.

I am 5'7".
I guess I should have mentioned I do that speed (4.2) for 30 minutes straight.  I did hear to go up and down speeds, I like the sound of that!  I think I'll try that next time.
Intervals are best for cardio.

BTW... You are so pretty, Angelique. You look like a rockstar.
Awwwh!  thank you!  *blushing*  You made my day! :)
I do about 6.2-6.6 mph running with no incline for 25-40 minutes. I walk at around 4.2 mph for a cool down for about 3-5 minutes. But I am tall (5'9.75") so 7 mph is not too bad for my long legs.
I wish I could run, I have tried for years, but because of my allergies it seems if I run I ALWAYS get out of breath and can't breathe, so I stick to walking :)
I run for a mile, working on getting down to a ten minute mile-right now running at 5.7.  Once I get my mile in, I drop to a walk at 4.3 until minute 18, then run the last two minutes, one at 5.7, one at 6.0. Goal is to run 30 minutes at 6.0.
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I do a 3 mn warmup at 4.0 mph on 0%.  Then I run at 6-7 mph for a few mns on a 3% incline and just alternate running/walking between 4.5 amdn 7 mph all on an incline for 30 mns daily.
I think once your fitness level increase, you will more comfortable at a higher speed. For example, I can stroll at 3.0 very easily whereas my sister who just started consider 3.0 a light jog. She is now at 3.5 walking (she is 5-5).

Now my walking is at 4.5 with 4% incline. (I am 5-2)
If I do SS cardio I do it at 3.0 with 15% incline (that if I want to spend 45min-1hr at the TM)

Changing your interval during cardio is a good way to avoid boredom (for your mind & your muscle) and to increase the calorie burned.
I like doing HIIT on TM coz it cuts down the time in half. A 20 min with walk 4.5, run 5.5, sprint 9.0, cool down 3.5.
Try HIIT. It's intense & feel good! ^_^b
I mostly run on the TM.   I start out at 6.5mph at 4.5% incline then bump up the speed by .5 at 5minute intervals and run usually 15min.  I end with a 2min cool down at 3.5mph walk at 6-8% incline depending on my mood.  
I do 4.5 with a 4.0 incline  but thats generally the speed i walk everywhere (i dont feel too safe living where i do so i walk fast.. also to avoid people selling things!)

I do between 4.5 and 5.5 on the bike machine thingy and between 6.5 and 7.5 on the cross trainer.

I'm 5'1" too :D
I'm 5'3" and fairly short legged, so what is a great stride for me probably seems quite slow to someone taller. By CC's treadmill calculator I am pretty darn slow... I jog at about 5 to 5.3 for the duration of my exercise, but for the last few minutes gradually increase to about 6.5. 35 minutes is my record before falling over and dying ;) I don't really walk on the treadmill at the gym because I walk everywhere. My walking pace is actually very, very fast (which annoys people when I walk with them).

   I'm 5'2, Short legs. Usually i do 3.0/3.7 anywhere from a nice pase walk to a brisk and just latley ive been doing jogging at about 3.9 and 4.3  on the tread.
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