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What speed do you run at on the treadmill?

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Hi. I'm 19-years-old and just got back to running. I played soccer in high school and therefore was in all right shape, but after starting college and no longer doing sports I got out of the habit of working out. A couple months ago I got back into working out and have since gotten back into running on the treadmill. My question is, how fast do you run on the treadmill? I used to start out around 5.2 and go for distance. One of my sister's said I should run at 6.0 and no less. I find that I am struggling at 6.0 Should I go slower and see if that makes it easier, and if it doesn't assume I am just out of shape and work hard to run at 6.0? I'm sorry. This was a really long ramble. Bottom line. How fast do you run? And, if you don't mind, give me an idea of how long you've been running, so I don't feel like a slacker for those of you that can run a 5k at 10. :-P

Thank you!

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Whenever I slack off, I prefer to start back at the highest speed I can run a mile and then try to improve my mile (or sometimes my 2 miles) from there. I'm an endurance runner, not a sprinter, so it's always tough, but it feels great every time you manage to whittle your time down by a minute.

Edit: Best thing is to watch your heart rate and make sure you don't max out above 190 or so. Most of the treadmills in the school rec center have scales on them of target heart rates based on age and whether you're training or just doing cardio as well as monitors on them. I recommend using that resource if it's available to you. Trust your heart to keep yourself safe while working hard.

Remember your stride length is a factor as well.

I have seen people running at 6.0 on the treadmill and they look soooo relaxed and easy (might just be my perspective, though LOL!!)

I run 3 miles at a 6.0 and this is really moving along for me (I am 5'2").  I wouldn't attempt to keep this pace for my 10k runs (6 miles), though.....not sure what it is but I run a 10k in 75 minutes while off the treadmill (don't know how that translates on the treadmill).  It feels much slower pace on the track than the treadmill, but that might be because I'm not so darn hot outside!

I have been running for 10 months.  I am 36.
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Definitely an excellent point about stride. I haven't been running long but I am 6'1" (female) and I can run at 7.5 and I look pretty relaxed. My stride is LARGE so I guess I am lucky because it makes my time faster, obvi.

If you are shorter you'll definitely be working harder at the same pace as a taller person.
Hi! I'm a 26 year old female, 5'-4". I started running (after a couple years off) last summer, in July 07. When I started, it was a struggle to run a mile a 5.0. I am now able to run for 4-6 miles at 6.6-7.3 mph depending on the day. So...I worked up pretty quickly. I would say the most important thing is to listen to your body and increase the speed as you feel comfortable. I didn't even realize how much faster I had gotten until recently when I remembered what I had started at.

Good luck!
I jog @ 4.5 for longer distances, 2-3 miles.. I have short legs, haha
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Thank you for your responses everybody!!

Good point about the stride factor! I'm 5' and have short legs, even in comparison with my height. So I can see how that would affect my pace.

If you're out-of-shape and you can't run at 6mph, then don't do it. Running at higher speeds than your body is use to can cause injury - your body has to adjust to higher speeds.

You can create an interval workout around 6mph, though. Run 6mph for 90 seconds (work interval) or longer, then drop down to a slower speed as a recovery interval for about two or three minutes. If you continue to do inteval training like this, you'll be able to jog at 6mph in a few weeks.







I'm kinda just getting back into it too. Right now if I'm running for distance, I'm only going at 5.2-5.3 MPH. I'll continue to increase that as my lung capacity and endurance increase. If I'm doing intervals, I'll go at 6.0-7.0, depending on what my body can handle that day, and how long of intervals I'm doing.

I think you're on the right track, and only increase the speed when you know your body can handle it. Just don't ever let it get too easy, a bit of a challenge is good!!

I have been working out for about 9 months on a regular basis and have increased my fitness to where I want to start running.  Just like bradlupis suggested I have been doing intervals of 6.3 mph then 3.2 for recovery... it is amazing that a person who just three weeks ago couldn't hardly walk on the treadmill at 3.6 mph can now run 3 minutes at 6 mph (i know that isn't very long but I am 5'4" 230lbs not exactly in great shape... it has been years since I was capable of running.

Hey. I'm 18, 5'6" and (after a break due to injury) i have been running for about 3 months. I run at 6.5 mph for 30 minutes with intervals at 7 mph for a total of just over 3 miles. i warm up and cool down walking at 4.0 mph. Ive been told that i have a pretty long stride.

hope this helps a bit. but dont be too stressed out about running at other peoples' speeds - like the others say, listen to your body. you'll increase your speed and distance with time.

I usually do 6.3 for 2 miles... I'm 5'3.

On my cardio specific days, I try to do 4.0 mph for a period of 45 minutes.

I've worked that up from 3.3 mph when I started my weight loss program two weeks ago.

It should be noted that I'm not running as of yet, just working up to it.

I run at 6.5, with really good endurance, but I always thought that that didn't take enough energy, since I am so used to it.  But a couple of days ago, I was running on the second floor, where you can see everyone working out below you. I started reading everyone's speed because I wanted to compare myself, and I realized that 6.5 is actually a really impressive speed. Many of them were set to anywhere from 5.5 - 6.0, and they looked like they were running quite fast. I know it was wrong to read the speed on other people's treadmills (I wouldn't want anyone reading mine), but I must say it did make me realize and appreciate how well I actually do.

Edit: I guess I should have read the whole post. I've been running for at least four years.
I was a "walk only" gal for a long time, I walk at 4mph.  I recently started running at 6mph, I haven't gone faster but defintely dont feel as if I'm pushing myself hard enough at 6.  I'll up it soon!   Also, I don't run for long periods of time, I sprint for 30 seconds, then walk at 4mph for a minute, then back up to 6mph for 30 seconds, then back down and so on.
Don't work out at a speed that's uncomfortable! You WILL hurt yourself. If your just getting your speed back, I would recommend interval training. Run at 6.0 for a minute and jog at 5.0 for a minute. Pick whatever speeds you feel best at!
Don't work out at a speed that's uncomfortable! You WILL hurt yourself. If your just getting your speed back, I would recommend interval training. Run at 6.0 for a minute and jog at 5.0 for a minute. Pick whatever speeds you feel best at!
I love the tredmill but I need advice on where to start the running process, I am also a tredmill walker.  I know if I were to start running at least 4 times a week, I could see a significant amount of weight lost.

I don't use the treadmill too much, but when I do...I do 20 ins and outs (those are like running on a track, and sprinting the turn, and jogging the straight....non stop for either 20 minutes, or for 2-3 miles.


when on the treadmill I do a 10 minute slow jog@5.0

then I start the intervals...usually starting at 7.5 for a fast pace, and bringing the jog to 5.5.

Then once i'm in my zone...I go 10.0 for the fast pace, and 7.0 for the jogging pace....I really don't use the treadmill much, because it's not as fast as I want to go sometimes, but when it's raining and's what I use.

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Wow!! I was shocked to look and see all these responses! Thank you for all of your answers!! I'm getting a much better idea of what other people are doing and it's helping me figure out my own plan. I've been struggling trying to find the right running regimen so that I feel like I'm accomplishing something but not trying to push myself too far. All of your input has helped me greatly!

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good job

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