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sorry...another heart rate monitor question

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Hi All,

I've just recently gotten a heart rate monitor (Nike Triax C5). I'm a little bummed because I thought it would count calories burned, and it doesn't. It'll tell me heart rate averages, time spent working out, but that's about it.

Is there some simple formula (I doubt it) that will allow me to figure calories burned? Should I just return it and get one that actually figures your calories for you?

I was trying to read back in old posts to see if I could find the answer before double-posting, but I wasn't able to come across one.....but it seems like the Polar ones are pretty popular.
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If you want one to tell calories burned I'd take it back and upgrade to one that does what you want it to do.  Expect to pay more I think.

I find most websites calculations and my hrm and gym equipment never match.  They can sometimes be off by over 100 for any given activity.  Even when I try to plug in levels of intensity it doesn't come out right. 

I hope you are able to return your HRM and get another one.
I just got my HRM and I love it. I paid a little more than I wanted but it counts the calories burned as well as keeps track of my workouts. I got the polar f4 its designed for women. Just do some research out there before you go and buy one, because maybe you can find one cheeper that fits your needs. But I would return the other one if it doesn't do what you want it to do.

Good luck!
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