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Sore wrist from bicep curls?

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My right wrist hurts when I bend my hand back, but not if the bottom side of my arm is facing up.  I'm guessing that I strained it doing bicep curls or maybe dead lifts.  I also get sore tendons along the lower portion of my arms (definitely from curls), but it's never been that bothersome and really only hurts right after lifting. 

Am I doing something wrong?  Is there some kind of wrap that can help while I'm lifting? 

I'm curling 20 & 25 lb dumbbells.  My wrists weren't an issue at 15-20 lbs, but I'm getting stronger.  Can my wrists not keep up??  Is there anything I can do to strengthen them?

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Sounds more like a form issue.  For example, when I do barbell curls, my wrists hurt due to the angle they are forced into, whereas when I do EZ bar curls, that wrist stress is alleviated due to a more favorable angle.  Additional weight should make little to no difference as to wrist stress, since that is more a product of angle and form than of the particular weight used (especially when we are talking about a difference of just 5 lb).  

Watch yourself in a mirror while curling 15's vs. 20's or 25's.  Are you using the exact same form? Are you gripping the weight in a slightly different way.  Are you pulling the weight back toward you with your wrist to give yourself some more leverage?  The straighter you keep your wrist, the more difficult the curl is (and the more focus it puts on the biceps), whereas people sometimes curl the wrist inward subconsciously since it makes the move a bit easier.

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