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So... I am still sore! I work out regularly and I cant seem to get used to it..

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Today is day 4, I went on a jog/run friday, did a lifting class saturday, went on a long hike sunday, and did some light walking around yesterday to try and work the muscles. Today, my lower back is still really sore and my hamstrings and thighs are still sore from saturday. I have been doing some yoga, and I am going to do some more yoga today. I want to go for a long walk/jog today as well with the weather being so nice. Any advice? is this normal? is there something I should be doing? I love to do something active everyday if possible....Oh by the way before friday I was sick and did not workout for almost a week, but the week before that I worked out 5 days and was sore as hell.

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I'm most concerned about the lower back - do you know which workout led to the back ache? If it was the lifting, then I'd suggest there was something off with your form. You say it was a class - did you do lots of crunches and core work? For me, those always did more harm than good, due to a weak lower back. I can deadlift a hundred pounds, but I barely move when I do swiss ball crunches, because if I try to crunch too much, my lower back starts hurting.

But to answer your overall question - it can take longer than 4 days to get passed the soreness phase after working out, especially if you keep doing strenuous things, like hiking and lifting.

Maybe try to balance it out so that the light walks or yoga are the day after the strenuous workouts.

Be patient - and it might be that you are always a little sore the day after, but not as bad as you see to be experiencing. Don't get discouraged!!!

How long have you been working out consistently? How long have you been doing all of the particular activities (jogging, yoga, hiking, the lifting class) on a regular basis and how frequently do you do them? If the week before you were sick was your first week of doing that much exercise, give it time. I would expect you to be quite sore if that's the case. If you are just a few weeks into exercising frequently, it may be wise to cut back a little. It's tempting when you get motivated to change your lifestyle to jump in with both feet, but you also don't want to push yourself to the point you are injured and can't work out at all. The body needs a little time to adapt to being active again. (This is, of course assuming that you have only been doing this for a matter of weeks, and I don't know if that's actually the case)

This may not apply to you, but keep in mind that deep stretching can also make you sore. My hamstrings can end up just as sore from a long stretching session as they do from deadlifts.  I don't know how your yoga class is structured, but this may be a contributing factor.

I have been weight lifting for several years.  If I have a really hard workout, my muscles can be sore for up to 3 or 4 days afterwards.  Don't sweat it.

haha, hey now you guys. lets look at the bright side. this means you're really challenging muscles, burning max calories (they're not used to these exercises) and hell- some moral pride in no pain, no gain!

It usually takes me the first week to get over being really sore and the second week at the same or higher level for me to start feeling in shape again.

Of course you're sore! Your body needs time to rest and recover in between unacustomed activity. It will get used to the exercise, but it takes a lot longer than four days. It's perfectly normal to be extremely sore for up to a week after a new activity - gentle exercise (light stretching, walking, slow-paced swimming) helps to stretch out the sore muscles and make you feel better, but anything more strenuous just extends the recovery period. Which is why it's generally suggested not to do the same fitness activity too often, and to alternate heavy and light exercise days. In the beginning one day of rest just isn't long enough for full recovery.

Thanks everyone, I am feeling alot better recently, I have been doing more walking as opposed to only doing intense workout stuff. I just need to build my thigh muscles more. But thanks to everyone for your input.

If you're doing a lot of muscle strengthening, make sure you eat enough protein.  I've found that eating a lot of protein after lifting or strength training makes a huge difference on your recovery time.

Stretching helps too, so your Yoga should be good.  Swimming is a good cardio exercise that stretches you at the same time.  I enjoy swimming when I'm too sore for anything else.

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