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Sore muscles... work through it or rest it out?

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Yesterday, i did a pump class (which is a pretty intense weights class with a bar, step and weights).

I got overexcited with the lunges, and used the bar, loaded with weights and the step so today i am EXTREMLY sore... as in, can barely walk.

Just wondering, do you normally go for some kind of run to work through the pain, or would you take the day off and rest it out?

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If it hurts that much rest.  You'll probably hurt again tomorrow but not as much.  When you get sore and you still want to workout make sure you warm-up well first.  One your muscles warm-up they won't hurt as badly.  In the future try not to over do it so much that you can't work out.

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I know... i didn't mean to up it so drastically, i've been gradually moving up and haven't had any major problems, but i just overdid it a bit...

I just wanted to know if walking it out/light cardio would kinda help the recovery? My husband seems to think that not exercising will make the reovery longer, not sure!

i always warm up and down pretty well (it's not like a have any kinds of injuries, just normal soreness, it's just more than usual is all..)

Thanks for the input...

rest. rest is as important for muscle development as the exercise itself. if you go the gym 7 days a week your body never has a moment to recuperate and rest..which is not good for your muscles. I work out about 4 times a week. and rest three. usually I will go Monday, Tuesday, rest Wed, go Thursday, Friday and rest for the weekend. This works well for me as I focus on different muscle groups each day. Gives this a try and work your way into the workout don't expect to start at level 10 work your way up. Good luck!

Sometimes a walk helps loosen up the muscles and helps with the soreness.  Don't overdo it... Just walk.   

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Go for a 20 - 30 minute walk... then rest... if you feel you can walk a little more (meaning the muscles aren't as stiff/sore) then go for it... but don't push yourself again before you are ready!!

If I were you, I would walk around a little as others have suggested. Take it easy, but if you just lay around all day, you'll be really tight and slow your recovery. That's just my own opinion though based on my own experience.

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