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Sore Muscles = Weight Gain???

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Hi All,

Well 2 days ago I went to the gym and worked my butt off (I wish!) with free weights and machines.  Yesterday I literally could not walk, that was how sore I was.  Today I am feeling less sore physically and more sore emotionally when I jumped on the scale and it says that I gained 2 lbs!!

Has anyone else experienced this?  Do you gain weight when you are sore?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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Sounds like you overdid it at the gym... and, no, sore muscles don't make you gain weight to my knowledge.  Soreness is a build up of lactic acid from using your muscles...or overusing them.  Water will help, but stretching is the best thing.  Do what you can to stretch your muscles out to the lactic acid will release.

Don't forget, your body will fluctuate every tomorrow, you may be down those two pounds and down more.  Don't worry.  Take today off from working out, however.
Your muscles will take on water in the rebuilding process (about 36 hrs after tear-down) and the scales will momentarily bounce up.

But please don't get discouraged - more muscle, more metabolism (who coudn't use a bigger burn?) and you'll ultimately gain a more lean and sculpted appearance!

Good luck!
neeners is right...i think if you take protein that will help...thats what my bf does after he works out...he drinks a shake...i actually love that pain, because it feels like i did legs were sore yesterday because i did legs hard at the gym...but one workout shouldn't make you gain weight. if you tone up more, you might but its a good thing becuase muscle weighs more than fat
bebe- that's so funny... I love that "pain", too, because it does feel great having that reminder that I've done something. 

I haven't had that feeling in a while though, and even though I've changed the reps/sets and increased the pounds lifted, I'm not sure why...

Does anyone know if after a certain point, you quit having that feeling?  Am I doing something wrong?
i don't think you ever quit that pain. i think the more you workout the more use to it your muscles get so the pain lessens...however my bf has been working out for 8 years and he still get the pain everyonce and a while...i think its when he increases weight and works out harder

Are you doing the same routine? Your muscles need to be challenged, especially to get toned better. While you may be changing the reps and upping the weight, try a different exercise and you may get the "pain" back! The pain is just because your muscles weren't used to what you were doing to them.

But in time as you become more fit, the pain usually does go away. From what I know, it does take a long time.

Basically your muscles are trained to do the lifts you're doing... switch it up and make your muscles happy!

For example: Instead of doing a basic bicep curl, try a different move to work your bicep muscle. You can find *plenty* of different exercises on the internet by simply Googling!

Hope this was of some help..!
That is muscle gain my dear. It will level out after a while.  My doctor has been telling me this for a month now. Muscle gain it will level out.. Give it time.. It will level out.. When i lost the first 28 pounds. I got some of them back in muscle gain. Now i am level out.

I was fighting muscle weight pounds for over a month and didn't get it. Them 4 pounds was muscle weight gain from the working of the abs and the good ole thighs. Yeah they are not good to me.. Still big.. But anyway. It is just muscle weight gain. It will level out..  Start looking at the inches every two weeks.. What inches you have lost.. That helps..

For every muscle you pump and get to burning.. Just think of that muscle pushing out the fat to make room for it's new growth of the muscles. It will level out. You will see..
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yea, I totally understand. It seems the more I work out. The more I gain. Plus I'm sick to death of my husband telling me muscl e weighs more then fat. Well I can honestly say, Iv'e been at this know since January jogging , running you name it every day, plus i'm a nurse an dI have onle droped 10 lbs.

Totally suxs.But I will continue
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