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SOOO proud of myself :D

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I ran 5 minutes straight today!!!!!!!!!!I had to take a little break after due to a cramp in my side (i don't think i had enough water in the afternoon) then after i walked and rested a bit... i ran 5 minutes straight again!!!

Ok, so I know a lot of you run miles/hours a day and 5 minutes isn't much, but the last time I ran (over a week ago) I honestly couldn't do more than 1 minute without stopping!!!

:D it is proof that it can be done!!! yay!!!!!!!

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Congrats. I just got back from my run

Congrats! Running is hard! I still can barely make it that long! lol

That's a perfect start, penguin. I run 10k's before breakfast these days, but when I started, I had to push myself to make 45 seconds. Five minutes isn't easy when you're starting out, and it motivates you to keep going. :D

thanks guys. :)

whoa Kotov 10k in the am. pfft craziness

it really does motivate me, i am actually excited to go out again. even if i make it a few more yards, its still something!!! :D

Way to go penquin! I've never been a strong runner. At first, 5 minutes was the worst, than I was able to jog 5ks, 10ks and a half marathon last summer (a week jog, but I jogged).

Now, I"m back to square 1. But, you're inspiring...keep up the great work!

Well done, I have only recently run my first 5k (start of May) so I totally understand your joy! 5 minutes is a huge breakthrough!

What an uplifting post! It's those small improvements which are so important in our journey to better health. Well done! You can be proud of yourself.

I have started my weight loss on 372 lbs. So far I have lost 60 lbs. After gym I swim for a few length: 1 length swim, 1 length walk. To start with I managed 5 length swim. Then 10. 1 month later - today I swam 40 (forty) length for the first time! Now I need to cut out the walking bit....  

I actually just started jogging yesterday and I had played a little with it before while walking with friends. But it was just me and Pandora Radio and I made it through 2 songs that has to be like 5 minutes if not more right??? I was so excited!

Good work!!

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