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how soon after hurting my back can I resume exercising

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okay here it goes sort of a long story.

this morning is garbage pick up day for our street. I had stuffed the yard waste bin full to the brim and also piled probably a hundred pounds of clay like dirt into it. well it was way to heavy for me to budge so my boyfriend agreed to do it before work. I got up while he was getting ready and he said he wasnt going to take it out afterall! well I was not barely awake and not ready to judge the situation well at all.... so I decided I would try to take it out..... BAD IDEA!!

its on wheels so I tried to pull it. I actually got the thing tilted over in a pulling position when BAM all the weight of it had to be supported by me.... I dropped it and it knocked me on my ass on the cement in sort of a sitting position. It hurt so bad.

Right now it feels a lot better. it is most sore on the lower back and goes up into the middle a bit. I talked to my mom who has been an RN for 15 years and she said that I should be fine with some ice and ibuprofin. I hope shes right!

Anyways now that I have regaled you all with how I got hurt, here is my main question. How long til I can resume working out again? I am actually really bummed out because I was starting a new week on c25k today! and I was planning on doing a lot of lifing, crunches and push ups from a game I played with myself yesterday that added up exercises based on what people said on a tv show. I know I need to stay off it today, but I would really love to be able to at least get on the treadmill tomorrow! thoughts or any similar "injuries".



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Depends how bad you really hurt yourself i woul not work out if normal movements hurt your back

If you can do your everyday activities without problem maybe is not that bad, still take at least 3 days off, ice is good the first 2 days, no more than 15 minutes each session then switch to hot.  If you feel better after 3 days resume your activities but lower intensity and weight then go up a little everyday until you feel ok again.  Also use the hot pad before starting your exercise routine.  Also do not take Ibuprofen before exercising.

This is what i know from experience i have no formal medical or therapeutic training, just a note.

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