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Snapping, crackling, popping sensation in the thighs?

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No not rice krispies (snap crackle n pop!) but nearly... Surprised

While I was doing a step class last night (quite a low intensity one) I got this snappy sensation in my thigh - not sure if it was in the muscle or more towards the surface tissue but it sort of went snap snap snap across the front and the back of my right thigh. Like a rubber band going ping on your skin.

History - have always gone to the gym and done cardio / weight classes of some kind for about 8 years. Recently have been going more. The past few days have gone like this: body combat class, body pump class, body combat, body combat, step and a body pump class. Combat is high intensity cardio and pump is a weights class for anyone not familiar with the Les Mills stuff. The last 2 week's I've been calorie counting with atleast a 500kcal deficit each day. I've lost 3lbs that I know of.

So what's up with my legs? Is it muscle fibres breaking? Fat tissue breaking down? (Some ideas that spring to my mind - probably very inaccurate!)  Anyone have any experience of this?

Many thanks. Laughing

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I get that too occasionally (seems like only when I'm on my last set of squats for some reason).  A rubber band popping is a really good description - it's almost a buzzing/popping sensation in my thigh, for just a split second.  I've never really paid attention to it as it doesn't happen very often.

Maybe a muscle spasm??

I really don't know :(

I'd love to hear that it's the fat physically melting away in the thighs! Doubt that this is the scientific explanation though...

It's odd though.

i get that too after i've been moving for a while, like jogging, and when i sit down i notice it. maybe it's fast twich muscles?

when i walk fast for a while, like 30 minutes or more, maybe i'm not cooling down enough... but i get my muscles contracting like i'm still walking after i stop... that sounds like what you might be describing...

Nope - I get that too sometimes (after a good long walk then when you sit down your muscles twitch). No it's different to the snapping - which happens during exercise - it doesn't feel like a muscle twitch. It feels like elastic stringy bits snapping inside.

Guess it must be a mystery!

Here's my 2 cents, i've only been jogging since January, but I get similar "twangs" in my legs.  I think it has more to do with nerves and tendons.  Again, I'm no doctor but I did go see a Neurologist about a similar feeling about 8 years ago and physical therapy helped a lot. 

Now whenever I feel that "rubber band" I take it as a sign that I didn't stretch well enough before and after workouts.

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