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Slim in 6 vs Turbo Jam

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I was wondering if anyone has tried the Turbo Jam.  I know that some of you are doing the Slim in 6, but has anyone tried Turbo Jam and is it any good?  I'm sort of debating which one to get.  Thanks a bunch!
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I LOVE TURBOJAM!!! I never did the Slim in 6, so I don't really know what it's features are, but TurboJam is a really great high energy cardio workout.  It's basic 5 workout set comes with an intro, 20-min cardio, 45 min cardio, 40 min strenth training, and 20 min ab (10 min standing, 10 on floor).  The music is pretty enjoyable--especially for the cardio workouts, and I really enjoy the workouts because they combine some martial arts (kicks, punches, etc.) that I did for a little while in college.  I will concede that the workouts are pretty difficult at first, but you definitely get better at them.  I also recommend the Lower Body Jam (if you want some strength training that focuses on legs) and another 45 min cardio--it gives you some variety so you can switch if you don't like one of them (my problem at first).  So, if you'd like something that combines some dancier stuff (sort of) with martial arts then you'll like TurboJam.  But if you don't like doing kicks and punches, definitely DON'T get it since that's what most of the workout is composed of.
I think a lot of people using different DVDs here. Turbo Jam, Slim in 6, Jillian's, Tae-Bo, Walk-off the Lbs, etc. And some using more than just 1 DVD.

What is it that you are trying to achieve? What type of workout you are drawn into? How are your fitness level? (if the workout turns out to be too challenging in the beginning it may discourage you) ^_^;

Since you ask, I will tell you what I think about SI6 (or you can check out the "Anyone doing Slim in 6" thread).
The movements are simple and easy to follow, yet very focus on the muscle groups. You can follow the routine relatively easy, but will leave sore and worked-out especially on the first couple of days.
The workout is designed into 3 phase - Start it Up, Ramp it Up, Burn it Up. As the name suggests, the workout are increasing in length of time (25, 45, 60min), intensity (level of difficulties & reps), & pace (faster! & increase difficulties). The routine involves cardio blast & strength training using resistance band and natural body weight.
The package also includes additional targeted routine for abs and stretching. Something you can do on your easy days. I have "Thin Thighs Guaranteed" by Debbie Siebers just for days that I don't have time to spend 1hr of strength training.

I've been using SI6 and have other DVD like the 10-minutes Pilates, and actually about to try out either Tae-Bo or Turbo Jam just for variety.

I don't know about Turbo Jam, but if you want to try, I believe Slim in 6 offers money back guarantee if you don't like it (unless you bought on ebay LOL). Have fun! :D
Hey there Sweet_tart, kiigan and charlie76,

I have almost every Turbo Jam dvd. I bought the original set through the websites.  I supplemented those with dvds I purchased from........EBAY!!! LOL

Seriously, I love them.  They are a bit difficult at first, especially if you have never worked out w/ videos before. A tad fast paced it seems, but if you just try, eventually you find you do more and more of it and that your technique improves.  Plus, so long as  you aren't actually  hurting yourself, even if you don't do it perfectly, you are still moving and burning calories.

The ab workouts are intense and very good, I believe.  Chalene is very upbeat and motivating.

If you aren't sure, I would recommend making buying just one of the Turbo Jams from eBay or someplace that you can get it second hand to see if you like it before you get the whole set.

I would love to hear what you think if/when you try it.
i just borrowed my friends turbo jam and love it...she has the first set with the abs and workout and lower body jam and a second cardio jam...they are fun and challeging...i work out a lot and love that it gives me something else to use when i get bored with my other workouts....this is the first workout DVD that I have tried and I am hooked!!!
hiya MC ^_^/
Thanks everybody for your input.  I think I will take mcderin's advice and try to find one on ebay or second hand before buying the whole set.  It looks like it's a great workout, but I would hate to buy it and then get discouraged if it's too difficult.  Maybe I'll try to find one of the Slim in 6 as well and give that a try, from what I understand it's a little bit slower paced.   Thanks guys for all the great info!
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I have Turbo Jam and Slimin6.  I had slimin6 first and I will say it really got my arms and legs in shape.  I got bored with it and got the turbo jam and I love it! Of course all the workouts are hard at first but not too bad.  I actually kinda got off track for a couple months so I am working back to where I was over the summer and I was also struggling with which video to use.  I will say that the TurboJam is much funner and easier to get through the workouts b/c of the good music and high energy.  But Slimin6 works well too its just really boring! I think the turbojam also target your abs more while slimin6 is good for legs.  I have never had legs like I did over the summer from Slimin6.   

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I did Turbo Jam and Slim In 6 Both are great programs!Cool

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Me 2! It was better then SI6 :) Much More MMA Moves.

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