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Slim in Six

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Hello, I just purchased Slim in Six and my guidebook was accidently thrown out, can someone tell me the 6 week routine please, thanks so much and good luck to all.
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I found this: "Basically you do the exercises 6-days a week with the 7th day resting. Start with 2 days Start It Up, followed by 2 weeks  and 5 days Ramp It Up, then 3 weeks Burn It Up."

I have a pdf calendar too. If you want I can send it to you. Please just give me an e-mail.

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I came across this old post regarding the Slim in Six calendar. I have lost my calendar as well and I was wondering if you still have it in pdf form. I called Beach Body and they want to charge me $11 with shipping and handling! If so, could you email it to me [removed by mod].


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Hello everyone!

I just had my second child 3 weeks ago and that is my last time I will be pregnant. So I am ready to lose the weight from the both of them! I purchased the slim in six program and I am confused about the 2 day fast. What all can I drink and or eat? I know it says fast so does that mean completely nothing? I didn't buy any additional items such as supplements and things of that nature. Do I need them? I don't have much money to buy all that stuff. My husband is in the military and will be coming home on Sept. 13 and I would like to surprise him with a new me! So if I do need such items I will see what I can do. If anyone can assist me with this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!!!!!

I would also like to know if anyone has tried that Alli pill? I have read all the side effects and things like that. It says if you lose 10 pounds without it, you could lose 15 with it instead. I am really not concerned about how much I weigh, it's really how many inches I lose and how healthy I am. Thanks again!!!!
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I have had the slim in 6 program for 2 or 3 years. I have a 7 month old baby now and we have moved and I lost the meal plan book in the move. COuld someone email me or fax me copies of the total book or tell me where I can find the info online?

thank you,

could you email me the calendar

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hi ananda

can you email that calendar pdf



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does this Slim in 6 weeks program really work ?

have you tried this ?

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do u have the guidebook or the instructions to use the CD's ???

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I also just got the Slim in 6 Program but I bought it from someone and the express diet nor the nutrition guide isnt there... does anyone know where i can get copies of this or could someone email them to me? Any help is GREATLY appreciated :)

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hi ananda

can you email me the calendar pdf and I was wondering you had the 6 day diet plan?


hi ananda,


can you please email me the instruction calendar, nutrition guide to my id? I just came to know about this program through one of my friends relative. I already started by SIU for 2 days. Can you please share the details with me so that I can reach my goal weight 113 lbs.


Thanks in advance :)

Ananda hasn't logged in since April of 2008 so she probably won't see this thread.

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Do you still have the calendar in pdf? Please email it to me. Thank you. mwinder8

Ananda,  do you still have the calendar.  My e-mail is

Hi ananda,


I am also doing slim in 6 but unfortunately lost the diet guide. can u send me the diet schedule / fast start /lose 6 pounds in a week diet plan.  Thanks in advance.

You can mail me the diet guide to



I just moved and upon reorganizing I misplaced the guidebook/calendar etc...I just started, then had to move and now after getting things in order, I am missing stuff. If anyone could help, I will greatly appreciate it.

ready to get back, Dee


I do have all the workout videos ,but have lost the calendar and the diet guide and stuff.Would it be possible for anybody to email the pdf file to me.My email id is

Hope this programs works for me...Thanks a lot in advance



Does anyone have the Slim in 6 Nutrition Guide ? email me it please

I have the calendar and the 6 day express plan!!! Feel free to email me your request!!! please entitle it RE: Slim in 6 Documents!!!!

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I can post any of the others if I can find them.

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