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I just started the slim in 6 start it up video and was wondering if anyone has tried these videos or is currently using them.  I need a slim in 6 buddy.
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I just started Slim in 6 myself. Would also love to have a buddy to keep it up. I have around 50 pouds to lose and am willing to work it up - I have RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and hypertension. All through January, I walked about 13-15 kms every week because the weather was nice but now that the cold is here, I need another activity to keep me going. So far, I lost 5 pounds, it's not much but I'd rather lose it slowly but surely. I have a friend who's a dietician and she gives me great advices. Wow, my message is quite long. Anyway, I'm also looking for a buddy.

Take care!

I have the slim in 6 series and I am so intimidated.. Ive heard from alot of people once you get to phase 2 *and it takes more then the couple of weeks recommended i think* you feeeeeel it. I need to build myself up to that and defenitly want to do it.. aswell as INSANITY and RevAbs.

Hi Missmoi,

Are you still doing SI6? I've had it for a while now. Started it last November but only for one week. Started again just this past Saturday. Also counting calories and trying to make smart food choices. Would love to have a workout buddy to help myself be more accountable. Let me know if you're interested.

Starting this dvd tomorrow xD

started today ... and to my horror i found start it up hard... my arms hurt ((does she ever put them down)) ... and lunges - i suck at them .. i lose balance and had to do the march in place... 


hopefully will be better tomorrow ... 


This is harder than the 30 day shred level 1 for me ... good lord ! 

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