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I just started the slim in 6 start it up video and was wondering if anyone has tried these videos or is currently using them.  I need a slim in 6 buddy.
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I too have the slim in 6. But I'm stuck on the start it up section since my daughter decided that my diet pepsi needed to fill up our dvd remote and the player itself doesn't have the ability to move through the menu options. But, I'm going to get a new DVD player in the next few days...

So, if you want a slim buddy, I'll volunteer, lol. I've been looking for someone who I can kabits with about this system.

Take Care,


That would be great.  I just started the video on monday and I am feeling it.  I will probably be on the start it up video for a little while longer so no need to rush on the dvd player.  Let me know how its going.  Have a great day.

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Hello everyone,

I decided this weekend that I am going to get back on the horse and start exercising again. I am starting with the "Start it up" video tonight. And it would be great to have a slim in 6 buddy.

So since you guys are about a week ahead of me, may I ask how you are both doing? Did you manage to do it 6 times as you are suppose to? How was your diet this week?

Well I should go work out now, I have been putting it off all day. But here I go, day 1, hope to hear from you guys.


Well I'm a slim in 6 veteran :)  I've been using it off and on for a almost a year.  I don't follow the diet stuff nor do I do the supplement stuff.  I just use the videos for exercise in lieu of a gym membership.  The slimming part is a definate.  When I first started I cursed Debbie alot LOL  Any questions feel free to ask.  I still use it.  I rarely go back to start it up.  I usually go back and forth between ramp it up and burn it up.
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Hey Jynx777

 I don't even have the diet stuff, it was never given to me I am just trying to eat as good as I can. Of course there are slip ups, but by for right now my goal is no junk food. No pop, candy (i love candy) or chocolate. Thats a huge first step for me.

Question how long should I do the Start it up video to start. One thing I have says two weeks and the other says 4 days? Do you know which one? I am not taking any suppliments right now either. I have done so many things I find that just eating right is the best thing I can do. :)

May I ask if you have found the slim in 6 successful, in that you have managed to loss so weight and keep it off, and if so how much? I want to make sure that I am not wasting my time.



I would love to be your buddy.  I have been doing the start it up video for about a week and a half.  I am going to finish out this week doing that video before moving on to the next video.  I can really feel the start it up video so I want to make sure I am taking my time before going on so that I don't hurt myself. I do it everyday except for sundays.  I found it a little better if i do it in the morning so i get it over with early, that is if i can get out of bed on time.  I have just been following a low calorie diet of about 1500 calories while doing the videos.  I am trying to eat more vegetables and also eat better at night when I get home, but I haven't been doing her diet or the supplements. I would like to try the supplements thought.  Good Luck Keep Going. 
My stats: Started slim in 6 Jan 2007, weighed 172, currently weigh 155, height is 5'8, am currently not consistent with slim in 6, only consistent with good eating habits and 1500 cal a day

I did the start it up video till I found it really easy and I wasn't sweating as much in the beginning. Then I moved on. I think it was half way through week 2 that I tried ramp it up. After the first time with ramp it up I went back to start it up for a couple of days LOL Start it up killed me the first week then when I switched over to ramp it up it killed me for the first 4 days. I stayed with ramp it up for the 2 full weeks as at the end of that I still had a hard time keeping up with the leg lift things. Don't worry. You'll see ;) Then did burn it up for the 2 weeks. I say move to the next video when you want a new challenge as you may find yourself going back which isn't a big deal.

Currently I go back and forth from ramp it up and burn it up depending on how much time I have to do it. Using this video my waist is much slimmer. I don't measure so I don't have that info. I can tell you when I started I wore a size 12 jean now I'm in an 8. So it definately trims you. As a side note: I didn't expect to have debbie's body at the end of the 6 weeks. I wanted the videos as a way to exercise because getting a gym membership is not feasible for me at this time
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Hello again jynx and ilovesourcream.

You know I really do find it some much more encouraging talking to other people about this stuff when I am going through it. Its great. My husband is a workout nut, but because of that he talks about it so much it can drive me batty. But I have grown so tired of the gym scene thats why I decided to pick up slim in 6.

I definatly know that I am not going to end up with a "slim in 6" body at the end of the 6 weeks, but I am hoping that I can tone up some things. I just have a baby now 6 weeks ago, and can get back to doing exercise. Its funny how much I missed working out hard. Who would have thought, :) LOL. But I am going back to work in February and I would at least like to fit into my pre-prego clothes again. I have about 10 more pounds to go, (of course all around my waist) and I figured that with something this intense and good eatting I should easily loose two pounds a week.

I am doing start it up right now for the week but I am also doing the ab work out, and like I said watching what I eat and taking care of a newborn. So I really do think that I can do it. Its good to hear that Jynn has been using the videos for a long term thing. I have a long way to go yet. I am at 187 right now, and even getting down to 177 isn't were I should be at over all. I am only 5'2. I have one of those frames that pack on muscle though. So even though I am heavy I have a ton of muscle and I am sick of looking like a little bodybuilder. Thats why I am really trying slim in 6. I really want to ton, and be smaller, not with lots of muscle.

Well Ladies I have ranted enough for today. LOL. Today is day four and my whole body doesn't hurt as much so I am ready to go, LOL.  

Dear Jynx777,

Thanks for all the good info, it is very helpful to me to know all that so I don't get discouraged.

Hi, I bought Slim in 6 after attending an exercise class that followed this routine quite faithfully.  We only met twice a week for 11 weeks but I found a big difference in my waist, hips and thighs.

We are now on hiatus during Christmas and I am "attempting" to stay with the program during this time.

I really enjoy the work out-but must admit I find it very hard on my knees.  I recently found out I have developed arthritis in both knees and lower back.  Any suggestions how to avoid the pain from all the squats?

As for the squats 'pain' if you're doing it at home you could always get a fitness ball, put it up against the wall and squat that way so it's a bit more support.  Or use Debbie's suggestion of putting a chair in front of you.  Maybe not squat so deep.

 When it comes to the 'stretching' part at the end of each routine I shut her off and do my own stretches.  I stole most of them from slim and limber as I find I really need a good stretch afterwards.

 Keep at it everyone!  I need to get back to it next week.  I'll probably start fresh again on saturday or sunday.  Cursing at Debbie as always.  It makes me feel better especially when she says 'now 8 more times' LOL

I am glad to here someone else is cursing at the tv.  Does she ever put her arms down!!!! LOL HA HA

I bought Slim in 6 years ago and want to actually FINISH the program this time.  I found the 6 day slim-down book, but can't find the nutrition guide.  I remember something about Michi's Ladder ( I could have the name wrong).  Does anyone still have this and could send me a copy?  I won't be doing the Slimming Formula supplements because I threw those out a while ago.



I have the nutrition guide and I would be happy to send you a copy. Just send me your email addy and I'll send you a copy tonight. :)

Hello I bought these videos about 4 years ago and just recently starting doing them this week. Can anyone help me with how long I should be doing each video? I have done Shape it up 2x so far and I really like it. I am a bit sore though.

i was wondering if anyone can send me a copy of the nutrition guide for slim in 6 to my email at thxs

Anyone started Slim in 6 and start gaining weight?  I started a little over a week ago, I'm doing Ramp It Up now, and I have gained 3 lbs.  Just wondering if this is normal.  I have been following a really strict eating plan too.  I have lost some inches but I was expecting to lose inches and weight.

I just started slim in 6 yesterday with the start it up video. I think I am going to move on the to the next video though. Has anyone had any success. I am not using the supplements, were they really helpful? Thanks for any advice, or suggestions!

I just started burn it up yesterday.. which is the last dvd for slim in six series.. and its abnormally hard... i know its my first time doing this particular one. But it was a crazy jump from ramp it up... I felt like i was going to get sick half way through it an dhad to pace back and forth for a few minutes before i could catch back up... the one good thing about it is i know if i do this dvd for a straight 4 weeks i will see a difference...


if anyone has done these dvd's will you let me know the difference in your body after finishing them. i'm taking no supplements and sticking to a 1400 calorie diet. and doing slim in 6.... just wanted to see how well it worked for some people... thanks


I just started slim in 6 last week. I dont have the diet plan for this. Can anybody send me the diet plan to my email address. That would be really of great help to me.


Thanks in advance


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