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Skinny with love handles

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At 5'6" and around 112 pounds, I am a fairly skinny girl, but I still have this horrible love handles, especially when I wear jeans.

I've tried looking up ways online to get rid of love handles, but most sites say that you have to lose weight first, but as I am already skinny with a decent diet, I need some excersize tips on helping tone that area.

I am very hesitent to lose more weight because bones already stick out in some areas and considering the fact that I am already thin and underweight, this would be unnessesary.  I believe it's all a matter of doing the right exercises at this point.

Any tips or suggestions would be highly appreciated!
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If you are already underweight, there probably isn't too much you can do. It is genetics! I am underweight as well but still have fatty thighs and a ghetto booty, I am just trying to accept it and stay fit. Just try to eat healthy foods and be happy.
if it's just when you wear jeans i'm inclined to think then that you are wearing the wrong size and/or cut of jeans.

jeans are pretty hard to find that fit everyone's body perfectly.  they might just be hitting you in the wrong spot and too tight creating a "love handle" 
If you're underweight but flabby then it's time to hit the weight room.
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If I find the right cut, I typically wear a size two.  However, if I find the type that are cut differently, they still give me "muffin top" even if I find a size much larger (that will not fit right anywhere else).

But as poster #3 mentioned, I should hit the weight room.  What kind of exercises are reccomended for toning myself up?   Considering the fact that I just started to do 30 sit-ups a day about a month ago and that aside from standing up at work and walking in between classes, I don't get any exercise.

You could try using a light weighted bar.. Hold it with a hand on each end and rest it lightly behind your neck. Then twist your upper body gently from the waist left to right without moving your lower body keeping your feet at shoulder width apart.

Im terrible at describing things but if you do over 200 of these it could help with toning your hips... unfortunately there is no such thing as spot reducing :(

 I have always had that terrible HARD to move fat on my hips with a small waist which makes it so difficult to buy a good pair of jeans as im a size different from legs to hips.. so THANK GOD high waisted jeans are in at the moment!!

oh oh i forgot to add... and dont forget to suck in your abdomen throughout the twists to support your frame and increase the intensity of the workout..

...i also remembered you can wile sitting down with your knees up and your feet planted on the gound, knees together and leaning back at a 45' angle you can hold a medicine ball and twist from side to side again not forgettin to hold in your abdomen to support your frame...i recommend a 5-6kg medicine ball with 20-30 reps and 3 sets... but again up to what suits you..

 hope this helps and good luck!!

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Thank you very much!  That helped a lot!
 Actually, when you're thinking of hitting the weight room - let Krista of show you what to do. Learn what Mistress Krista has to teach you, and the rest is mostly fiddly detail work.

 (There's a lot of us Stumptuous fans 'round these parts!)

 'Course, Paige Waehner's ready to help you with the details as well - check out for some routines and fitness help in general - but start with Krista!
I have the same problem. I'm underweight and yet the one place I have anything close to fat is love handles. I'm trying to just accept them though. You may also just have large hips and that is your skin. It could be a body distortion. One thing that helped me was my bowflex. I forget the name of the exercise though...Good Luck
Thanks again for those who are posting.

@Poster #9: I actually have very narrow hips (something like 33-34").  I had been told that certain excercises would help this area, and my goal is to gain muscle weight and to lose fat weight since I am really, very out of shape.
I am almost at my weight goal, and have been doing a lot of weight lifting recently. I have noticed that without really losing weight, my whole body has been toning up. I am much more muscular now, and actually my clothes are bigger too, but my weight hasn't changed much. I second the suggestion to go to
build muscles.
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