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What size waistline to have Abs

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Hi!, i'm 5'4, for those who are 5'4 and have Abs, what is your waistline ? i'm currently 127lbs, and waistline is about 31-32.

Anyways, maybe this is not height related, just want to know the waistline of people who have abs..

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i dunno.. but im 5'2 and my waist is about 25, and i dont have abs yet :(  still working on tummy =) but i am now seeing a tiny bit of difinition right under my boobs/rib area.

i have to say this tho, i dont think abs has anything to do with waist size once you have lost enough weight. Ive lost enough weight that there is no way i can drop any more inches off my waist even if do get abs, cuz even when i suck in my stomach (and then it's like really really flat), i cant fit in any smaller pants. My hip bones are getting in the way :P heheh 
26/27 inches, 5'4 height. Umm u have to have a body fat % of lower than 18% i beleave to see abs, i mean be REALY lean
I doubt there's a magic waist measurement. I'm 5'3.5 with a 24/25 inch waist. I run a lot and weigh about 107ish. Still, my abs are covered by a bit of flab, and a bit of a poochy-pooch below.

Meh. Maybe it's all the beer. But I don't care about defined abs enough to give up the beer! 
I think it depends on where you build muscle, too. My waist is about 23.5 inches, and I DO have about 18% body fat, with no visible abs; just mostly flat. My muscle is in my lower body. I have well-defined calf muscles, and large calf measurements for my weight/height, but not much from the waist up. If you do more crunches and stuff it might build up the abs better, but I don't do 'em.
It's about body fat and ab muscle.  I'm 20-21% bodyfat (add a few percent for the female equiv), and I'm starting to see some definition in my abs, although I can still see fat on top of them.  I've been working out my abs a couple of times a week and adding light weights to my crunches.
One important thing to realize is that adding more crunches will not help build ab muscles; you'll end up overtraining them.
I read somewhere that 3 sets of 25 is ideal, with at least a day in between.
Well that kind of doesn't make sense.  Im about 108 pounds and 5"4 but have 18% body fat.  I guess Im just destined to be a cow.
i am 5 2" and 151 and i have a two pack lolol. Sure i have to flex it a little bit but it's there. I don't think it matters what waist size you are. You work em out enough and eventually they'll burn all the fat in the area and wallah!
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I am 5'2" and have a waistline of 25 inches. The part of my stomach aboe the naval is quite firm ... its the part under that which isnt gettin much stronger.. even though i hold my lower tummy in while doin crunches etc..
According to my experience - girls always have what i call a "pooch" under their belly button. I can NOT get rid of it, and my cousin who has a 4 pack still has one!! What's up with that?!
as said above the pooch disapears at a low enough body fat percentage. it all depends on your frame build and height for how low you need to go. im 5 11 12.5 % bf and i can still only see my top 2 abs. so who knows lol
Hey Prek, are you only doing crunches?  How about leg raise to work your lower abs, for me i find it harder to do leg raises than crunches :)
i'm around 108, 5'4", and have around 20% body fat. my waistline is about 29", what is up with that? i know people can have a tendency to store fat around one particular area, but 29"? argh...just my luck.
You also have to take into account that fat distribution is pre-determined to a large extent and that men are much more physically capable of developing visible abdominal muscles than women. Like Chris said, he is at 12.5% (an unhealthy percentage for women) and he still doesn't have full definition. It takes a lot of work over a lot of years to get really defined abs for most women. Whenever I see professional women bodybuilders I always think about how much effort they have had to put in for many years. It is astounding to me.
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I am 5' 9" and weigh 164. I can see a six pack without flexing but when I do flex, I guess I am what some would call a self lover :p Anyway, just get below 18% body fat and try some weight training that are aimed at the abs. This will help the Abs grow. Unfortunetly, it isn't possible to choose where the fat comes off, but if you run you can really help out your stomach eventually.
georence, the lower abs are not a seperate muscle group, and you can't isolate them.  However, leg raises are more effective than regular crunches for the abs (when done properly).  But that won't get rid of the lower belly fat.  It comes down to where your body loses weight from last, and how hard it is to get rid of that last little bit.
seems most guys they can be seen around a 30-31 inch waist (avg height and build)    but ya...   or liek 12% body fat
before kids...I was 124 and 5'8"  had a 24" and still didnt have definition in my abs.  I wonder if its heriditary to get them?
I am 5'4", 118 and have a 25.5 in waist. I have a four pack when flexed. I am at 15% body fat right now. My lowest was 11.5% and my abs were only slightly more visible. I do a lot of ab work with a medicine ball or weights.
 I've been focusing on my core a lot the last couple weeks. Trying to get that ' pop singer ' definition in my abdomen. How do you work your core with a medicine ball or weights?

I have a flat tummy... I just want that definition.

I'd really like to try that. Add it to my daily routine. Perhaps, I'd see better results that route. Please let me know.
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