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-> Should I Do Sit-Ups Before or After Lengthy Cardios??

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this summer, back in korea, one of the trainers at a gym told me that if you want to lose fat around ur stomach, it's better to do ab-related exercises after doing cardio.

for example, i do 30-60 mins of cardio every time i go to the gym. but since im not sure when's the best time for me to do ab exercises, i do some before my intense cardios and then afterwards also...

any advice??

i'll absolutely appreciate any type of advice!!!!

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Sep 10 2007 19:10
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I don't know about what is better in terms of workout, but I find that doing situps after cardio, I have a lot more patience for them, so tend to do more and do them better
After cardio your muscles are warmed-up as well, which can make it easier to do more intense ab training.

::: rdwk :::

so you don't feel tired when you do sit ups after intense cardio??


::: marneedear :::

hey,  but i heard that if u do sit ups after tiring ur body out by intense cardios that ur body would actualy deteriorate ur abs muscles...

I have heard to do it after your cardio.

::: 2sooners :::

oh is that true??? hmm.. yeah, cuz i also feel more flexible if i do ab exercises after cardio!!! 

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What are you trying to get out of doing sit-ups?  Because if you are trying to get abs, then you should know that abs are only visible within 10% or less bodyfat.  Infact, most women are genetically predisposed to having terminal fat (1/16th inch) on their stomachs keeping them from ever seeing muscles.

On the other hand, sit-ups are really good if you are building core strength to improve upon the rest of your workout.  A strong mid-section helps you keep good form while running and while participating in action sports.

DO SIT-UPS AT THE END!!!  That way your midsection won't be tired during the cardio.

my trainer told me to warm up with 10 min. of decent paced cardio and then do weight training. after weight training she has me do intense cardio for 30-40 min. but the whole time i'm weight training she told me to hold in my stomach muscles so that they help support my back so i guess that way you wind up working your midsection subtly through your entire workout.

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honestly, i don't know how much my body fat percentage is right now. however, when i was like... 56/57 kg (& that's still quite a bit for a 166.5cm) i could still see my abs. i know they weren't friggin' stickin' out like guys, but i could definitely see them without having to "flex" my abs. but since then, i've gained weight again because before, i had ED (still struggling). i still want to see some abs. haha. even though maybe not like six packs, i still want to see them fine 2 vertical lines on on ur abs - if you know what i mean? Undecided

Surprised i do have a question by the way: would my stomach just look more fat if i religiously continued to do ab exercises but didn't do that much cardio?

....cuz what i heard is that, if you don't burn fat while your building up ur muscles, ur body will only end up looking bigger because you still got the same amount of fat in you, but since the muscles underneath ur fat are getting bigger, u seem....larger.   Frown

*_*_*_*_*_ please tell me what you think about this - anybody!! _*_*_*_*_*_*



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- i do pretty much the same work out routine as you !! Laughing

  and yeah, when i was working out with a pt, my pt also told me to suck in my   

  stomach.. but strangely... i've never asked her why i had to do it?? Undecided


I read somewhere do ab after your other routine whether it be cardio or weights.  dp abs and then stretch.  I know in the cardio classes I take we always do the ab workout after our other stuff then do the stretches
You could gain a bulkier experience if you just build the muscle without burning the fat, but you should keep in mind that increase of muscle also increases your BMR, so burning the fat should be easier when you're doing cardio.
The best bet is to combine them.
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Absolutely you can gain the appearance of a pot belly.  Just like any other muscle in the body, when you work on it - it will get bigger and more solid.

Doing crunches everyday will make you look like you drink beer everyday.  If you're going to do crunches or any other form of abdominal "targeting" exercise, then please limit it to 3 times a week and never two days in a row.

Things you can do to improve your midsection without overworking is to do standing bicep curls, alternating arms one after another while keeping your body from moving.  You can do pushups on a balance board or medicine ball too.  Basically, anything that requires you to keep balanced will strengthen your, the calories burned from these types of exercises more than triples the production of your run-of-the-mill crunch (and is an effective multi-tak opportunity).

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