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30 Day Shred soreness question!

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Okay. I tried the 30 Day Shred for the first time two days ago... At first I thought everyone was underestimating how sore you get, but goodness, no. The next day, I was hurting. Badly. I had work yesterday, so I couldn't get to it...


My question is, I'm still incredibly sore today, having trouble getting up and sitting down... Is this something that you're just supposed to work through the pain? I found myself stopping a couple times throughout my first day, because I'm incredibly out of shape, and hadn't actually worked out in quite awhile... I just don't know if that would be a constant thing, seeing as how I'm in so much pain just moving regularly, much less doing this intense workout!


Any help or suggestions would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much (:

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My rule of thumb is push through soreness, rest/heal if you're in pain.

I started 5 days ago and I also asked the same question as you. Only one person responded and said to push through it, so I did. It was not easy doing the work being so sore but the next day I felt much better. So from my own experience I say push through it.

Generally, you'll feel some relief of the soreness by warming up the affected muscles and moving them through the same motions that caused the soreness in the first place. It won't objectively make the pain go away faster, but it's been my experience that moving around some and getting used to it also helps you cope with the feeling a bit more ;)

I did the 30DS in the past twice for thirty days straight.

So, if it's soreness, keep going. If it's pain, stop.

You can check my journal entries if you like. : )(

I agree with everyone else that if you are sore, work thru it but if it is paid, stop. I am starting Ripped in 30 on 2-6 Smile

Thanks for the suggestions guys!

I worked through it, and, although while I was getting everything set up I was hating the world, I worked through it, and found I could get through it better.

I had to pause a bit at the beginning of the workout, especially with the pushups (my one true enemy), but not nearly as much as I did on my first day.

It's exciting to see my endurance is already getting a little bit better, despite the soreness!


jt4bama, I hope the Ripped in 30 is awesome! Good luck!

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