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30 Day Shred Question

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I bought the 30 Day Shred and I was wondering how often you are supposed to do it, I always thought it was bad to do weight training everyday.  Also, about how many calories do I burn doing this video? 

I have done level 1 twice (yesterday and today), but I am not as sore as I expected and it wasn't as difficult as I expected either.  I am pretty active normally, I usually do cardio 5 days a week, but slack with the weights because I get bored, so I thought I'd give this a try. The only thing that's sore is my armpit area...other than that I feel fine.  Am I doing it right?
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I have done it for 22 days straight.  Started May 1 with level 1, then May 10, moved to level 2, and now May 20, level 3.  Level 3 still leaves me WORKED.  But, it's up to you... maybe move up to level 2 and see if that helps.  Once you're bored with that, go to level 3 :)

Are you seeing results, Ginger? Because I also have started that dvd, and I wasn't that challenged. Maybe I should go straight to Level 2? Ummm, does anyone know where I can get a good sports bra that would help me be able to do the jumping jacks more efficiently?(you know what I mean.....)

And to answer your question, MCS, I actually am way more challenged with the Biggest Loser2 workout dvd with Bob and Kim than with Jillian, which is kind of disappointing to me because I was thinking I was going to be whipped into shape by the bada$$ Jillian who got all those results on the show.

Anyone know when the season premiere is?

i think this video is aimed more at people who are out of shape. i started at level two. I wear my heart monitor when i do it, and i burn about 130-175 calories depending on how much effort i put into it. Its a good workout, but i wouldn't solely do it everyday. I also have the Biggest Winner 5 disc set, I love the cardio kickbox one, but the other 4 are great too. I kinda rotate between all of my videos depending on what i feel like doing that day.

I've been working out 4-6 days a week since feb. - personally its not a hard enough work out for me. Level 3 is def. hard, but i still only burn 175 cals when i work my butt off.


I am not overweight but I must be really out of shape because I started it yesterday and  my legs hurt so bad today it hurts to walk. I am going to let the soreness die down some before I try it again. Once I don't feel soreness from it, I will start doing it every day.

I've just done day 3 on level 1. I am so sore it's insane and before I started it today I thought there was no way in hell I'd be able to do it but once I got warmed up, my muscles loosened up and I could do it fine Smile

The 30DS can’t really be considered weight training; the weights are too light for that. Since you're already pretty active, that's probably why you didn't find it as hard as most people who've posted about how hard it was or how sore they were. You could try doing two levels in a row (a 40-minute workout) if you want a harder workout. Some people (I hear) even do all 3 levels in a single session. You could also use heavier dumbbells; it will make it harder but it won’t turn it into weight training.

If your goal is to pull up your socks about weight training (you mentioned that you're “slack with the weights”), the 30DS isn’t useful for that.


my hrm says I burn around 180 - 240 calories when I do it. I ususally burn more on the first 3 day of new level, and then it goes down.

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