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30 Day Shred - How many calories?

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Hello I have just started Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and would like to know from others that have tried it what do you put for calories in the fitness section?

Im thinking circuit training but for 20mins it doesnt seem to be enough calories??

Any help would be greatful


Thank you

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Not sure ... But would love to read your comments after you finish the program!!!

I log it as circuit training.

melicarr - you should just start it!

If you weight say 150 than youll burn 167 in the 20 minutes.

So I divided that number then times it by my weight and came up with my answer.

Are You Still Alive?? She almost killed me with that one!!

Best Wishes!!

I log it as circuit training as well.

I am still alive and feeling great! I did start the dvd in Feb but my boyfriend booked a weekend away for Valentines day for the beginning of March and I forgot to take it with me ... to be honest since then I let it slide as I have been dieting and exercising since Dec last year and was starting to feel a bit sick of it. But now I am motivated again and my fitness level has increased dramatically (I used to be out of breath climbing the stairs in my I run up them) I am starting to train for a 5k charity run for cancer in June too. The things that I find hard are the push ups as I have no upper body strength and the jump rope. 

I did weigh 155 in Feb when I started and lost around 6lbs in the 9 days I completed

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