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Shoes for People with High Arches

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I have very thin feet with high arches.  I cannot find a pair of shoes with support for high arches.  Any ideas please?
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I have a high instep, a wide forefoot and narrow heel.  It makes it really hard to get shoes that fit properly.  I've had some luck with the Footsmart catalog.  Google it, they have a website.

I'm going to a podiatrist to have custom made arch supports made.

I was told that running shoes were my best bet to find good high arch support, but I could not bring myself to pay $120+ for a pair of shoes.

Have you tried going to a specialty running shoe store?  They can usually fit any type of foot, arch, gait, etc.  And while most people think they are more expensive than the mall stores, they are just as competitive.  I've never paid more than $90 for my shoes.  And it makes a big difference in your performance and safety.  Good luck!
Original Post by caitlinoftheplants:

I was told that running shoes were my best bet to find good high arch support, but I could not bring myself to pay $120+ for a pair of shoes.


I wouldn't pay under 120 for running shoes. I always get New Balance 1200 series shoes. Considering your footwear affects your feet, ankles, knees, shins, hips, back, running/walking gate and so on how could you not get shoes that will ease those problems. I used to work at a footwear store and having shoes that fix or help your suppination or suplanation (I believe those are the right terms but sure the wrong spelling, it's been a while) and stride will make your life 100x times better. Go get the right shoes, it's a small investment to a big part of your health and can fix your ailments that are keeping you from exercising.
I have custom orthoditics, this are insole that are made specifically for your feet.  They are pricey, I paid four hundred dollars for mine.  But I can put them in any pair of shoes that I wear.  My feet do not hurt any more, because no matter what kind of shoes I buy, my orthodics are made for my feet.

I second the recommendation for  They have a lot of shoes and inserts for peole with high arches.  However, I can say from experience that the best option is to get custom made orthotics, and get a pair of athletic shoes that have the extra depth to accomodate orthotics (New Balance is really good).  

Custom inserts are a bit of an investment, but I haven't had any foot pain since I started wearing them.  The only drawback I have is that my inserts don't go well into most of my dress shoes.  I have found a place online that actually sells inserts designed to work with dress and high heeled shoes, so I'll be investing in those as well.

Good luck!

Hi, I have pretty high arches, and I always am willing to spend $ on good running shoes, although I am still able to find them for less than $120 in most places. Oddly enough, the best running shoes I ever had in the arch area were nikes which don't usually support high arches. What I have learned over the years is that i just have to try on EVERYTHING to find what works. Once a running shoe I like has been discontinued, it's hell trying to find another one.
definately invest in custom orthodics...I've had mine for well over 4 years and they are still in good shape.  I also buy running shoes especially for high arches (cushioned).  I usually spend just under $100/pair.  I still have a helluva time with shoes, I always have at least 1 blister.  But, it's been like that my whole life so I just suck it up now.

Stepping in the foam for the mold for the orthotics is SO fun, it's worth the money, imo.
I spend $$ on my running shoes because my feet do so much for me. My arches are fairly high, I always get at least a double A width shoe, and I have a stupidly narrow heel.

So God bless Mizuno shoes--those Japanese must have feet just like mine.

I will second the advice others have given you: go find a speciality running shoe store (that does NOT include FootLocker btw) and have them work with you to find shoes that fit your foot and the way you walk or run.
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If you go to a specialty running shoe, they have all sorts of things for high arches.  They have this new orthotic you stick in the oven and then mold it to your foot for like $50 which is way better than $400.  They also have all sorts of different kinds of shoes that may help.  I have high arches and I have found the Spenco high arch supports have worked wonders for my feet, especially with tennis.  Also, I run and my running shoes from the specialty running store was only $85 so not all running shoes are a huge fortune.  Finally, when it comes to your feet, always take care of them and be willing to spend some $ because its a part of your body that if you develop really serious problems with them, it will severely impact what you can do for the rest of your life.
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