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Why do my shins hurt when I run?

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I started jogging about 5 weeks ago going on 6 & my shins will hurt sometimes, feels like they're being stabbed. This pain alternates, one week I won't feel it at all, (i jog 2-3 miles 4-5 days a week) & another week (usually everyday) when I run the pain is unbearable after 1 mile or sometimes less. I slow down and start walking but the pain continues... I eventually begin running again and the pain worsens. I will be running a 5k in March & a half marathon in May. Any tips? This pain seriously takes the motivation away from me and it sucks :( I am hoping to run the LA marathon next year so any advice would be wonderful!!

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There are numerous things that it can be (some serious), but it might be just an overload on your Anterior Tibialis muscle. That is the muscle that keeps your forefoot from slapping down. Check Wiki for pictures and see if it is that muscle that hurts, rather than your shin bone itself, or something deeper.

If if is your AT, there are exercises to strengthen it, and several ways to massage it and stretch it. How you start your workout (i.e. your warmup) can make a big difference as well.

I use to get shin splints all the time (since being a teen), I use to run on earth or the tracks (with the orange rubber stuff on it) and it wouldn't be as bad. I'd stretch, warm up and had good running shoes but I guess cause I always had a a certain amount of weight always on me to bring it on. When it still persisted and I wasn't patient I stopped and did walking, hiking or speed walking instead. I want to run again but I am waiting till I lose more weight to see if less weight will make it easier on my shins.

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Sounds like shin splints, this happened to me and I went and got my gait analysis done and made sure I warmed up and done stretches before running now in fine :)

Not to sound like a broken record, but sounds like shin splints. I think your best bet is to go to a store that specializes in running gear and tell someone there your issue. I think you need more supportive shoes that will also correct your gait. Overpronation can lead to shin pain. Someone who works at a running store can help you figure out your gait type and the correct shoes to support your needs!

Yeah, probably shin splints. Unfortunately, nothing to do but take it easy for a while. Fortunately, probably not a stress fracture or something really bad.

Take the next few days off. Rest, ice, ibuprofen. Next week, walk 30-40 minutes 3-4 days. Swim, bike, other cross-training as long as it doesn't hurt. After a week of walking, go for a test run of 2 miles, then see how you feel the next day. If the pain comes back, give it another week of walking. Otherwise, start running 3 miles 3 non-consecutive days per week. You can walk or cross-train on the non-running days.

Running's hard on the body. Your legs will grow new capillaries and add bone and other connective tissue, and that can take years. Be patient, give your body time to adapt, and good things will happen.

All good advice above.  One thing to add:  don't push through shin splint pain.  It will get worse and stop you.  The longer you push through it the longer it will take to recover.  Your best chance to complete your events is to get over your injury then resume training at an appropriate level.

 In my experience, I have a lot less aches and pains when I am well hydrated when I run. Get me on a treadmill without being properly hydrated and my everything starts cramping, including my legs. I'm not sure if hydration could help with shin splints or not because I have never had them. But when my calves cramp from dehydration it's super painful so I thought I would mention it.

Ice your legs. Stretch your calves, and when you recover, you should do more work with your calves and stretch the lower half of your legs.

THANK YOU everyone for the wonderful advice Cool

You could try inserts. The inserts will help with arch support, which can help with the shin splints.

And ice cups. Get some PAPER cups, fill them almost to the top with water and freeze them. After you run and stretch, tear some of the paper away and ice your shins. The ice will melt, tear more of the paper away...for about 10 mins on each leg. Put a towel underneath your legs, it gets pretty watery!
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