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I must say that I really really like this magazine. I've tried other health magazines, but they're not nearly as good.

But, my whole point of this post, is to ask if anyone has tried any of their workouts with any success. I'm the type of person that can lose interest and motivation to lose weight quickly... ok, well not exactly, but I mean I get discouraged when I'm not sure if it's working or not. I'm going to start doing some of the workouts in the magazines.

So, my final question is: Has anyone done these workouts and gotten NOTICEABLE results?
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I get really irritated trying to workout to pictures and written instructions.   I enjoy workout dvds much better!  ;)
Me too! But I still want something that works.
I'm sorry to sound condescending, but work outs in Shape magazine aren't worth the paper they are printed on. Of course they are better than nothing, but honestly I wouldn't put any stock into them at all. I'm about to launch into a whole rant about how magazines like that pray upon what women want to hear in order to sell their crap and don't teach women how to actually work out effectively so I'll just leave it at that.
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On a side note, Spirochete have you ever actually tried any of the workouts to come up with this conclusion? I mean to be very fair about this you would of had to try them all out and then give this type of opinion, otherwise you just don't know if they work or not. Whats good for the goose isn't always good for the gander. Don't knock it if you have'nt tried it.

For some people anything is better than nothing at all and in this case if this motivates one to get off of their a$$ and start working out at something. All the power to them I say.

I would say that shape magazine is good for women who have not worked out before.   Most of them use body weight which is recommended when you start a fitness regime. 

 Wannabehot,  I would go for it for awhile.  You may find you outgrow those workouts quickly though.  when you find they get easy or you are not getting the results you want its time to graduate to weights and more challenging workouts!!!!

I had a free subscription to Shape for two years, which I would look at out of morbid curiosity. The ONE article I saw about really lifting heavy weights had this disclaimer "if you start building too much muscle, back off the weights". That is the stupidest, most irresponsible thing I have seen in print.

You don't have to do every routine in Shape to know that people quickly grow out of body weight exercises, that most women CAN NOT build too much muscle (especially from their routines) and that routines featured with 3-10lb weights are way too light for most people. Their target audience is clearly young women. A  healthy young woman should be lifting more weights and not swinging around 5lb dumbbells.
I will respecfully disagree with you spirochete. I've been working out with Shape for almost two years and I have to say that some of their workouts are very challenging. If you follow the routines properly, you would see improvements. I know I did. Of course that if somebody is a professional athlete or an Olympian, Shape workouts are not the way to go.

I'm not sure I would have made so much progress without the help of Shape. Yes, I agree with absterry that working out with pictures and written instructions is a bummer (even more when fitness instructors at the gym snicker at you) but these days you can find videos on the website so you can get a better idea of how to follow the moves. And most of the routines recommend a weight range so I can choose what works for me. Thanks to Shape, I've learnt to handle most of the strength training machines on my own or try new moves with the Bosu or any other piece of equipment. For those of us who want a fresh routine every few months (and can't afford to hire a personal trainer), having a resource like Shape is great.

I understand that sometimes they have bogus claims (like "Make your cellulite dissapear for good!" etc.) but I see those things for what they are: just a way to catch the eye of a reader so the buy the magazine. Although I wish they didn't go to those extremes with their headlines, I still find the magazine a valuable resource.
Heh, this place cracks me up. It's ok to say "you're full of shit, spirochete" if that's how you feel.

Actually, if they said that spirochete, they would be perilously close to breaking the posting guidelines.  ;)  Much better to respectfully disagree.

Or even worse - agree with both!  I think the exercises they have listed in there can be a great part of an overall fitness program.  Certainly they have many that can be quite challenging depending on your fitness level.  But, for optimal fitness, they should not be relied upon solely.  Do incorporate appropriate weight training (using plenty of resistance) as well as cardio and flexibility training. 

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10:1 odds that the women who model in the Shape magazine routines don't even do that routine.  It's a Weider publication. 
I would say that the routines are a good starting point if you don't work out and are looking for something to get started with.  I also think that the routines they print in the magazine are typically better for homeworks and people who don't have access to a gym with weight machines or free weights.  True you more then likely won't see amazing life transforming results but it is getting you moving and if you enjoy it take it for what its worth...exersize
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