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sedentary vs. light

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I am looking at the calorie expenditure calculator and am not sure whether to plug in sedentary or light for my exercise level.  I exercise for 30 min a day, but for the rest of the day am pretty much sitting at my desk or in a meeting somewhere.  Light says "up to two hours" which seems a lot more than I am doing -- but sedentary seems to discount the 30 min I am doing.  If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it.  Thanks.
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I suggest you work it out using sedentary, then add the 30 mins of exercise using the activity log. It might even come out similar but I think it's more accurate that way.
Thanks!  I'll try that.
i kind of think of it as base it on how active you are during the day but you dont log, and then log whenever you "officially" exercise. like, in my case, i spend a lot of time sitting in class and stuff, but i have to walk a lot to and from school and my classes and then i have gym. i don't log any of that, so i count it as light activity. then i log when i workout. so in your case, i guess it will be sedentary.
I think you're right.  I'll try that and will keep you all posted!  Thanks!
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