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Am I.. Sedentary, Lightly Active, Moderately Active, Very Active...?

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Here's the scoop.

 22, female, 5 foot 7 1/2 inches tall. 132-133 lbs, Got some lean muscle mass on me, not alot, but some visible definition.

5 days a week, I bike off road to work 20 minutes each way (about 10km daily) If It's raining, I don't bike. (Couple times a month maybe)

5-6 days a week, (after work, weekend) I go to the gym. (20 minutes moderate intensity cardio, 20 minutes weights)

I walk or bike anywhere I have to go, I dont have a car, nor does anyone I hang out with.

I watch alot of TV and read in the evenings. I don't go out a whole lot. But I clean the house and do some basic chores everyday. Some days more than others.

How active do you think I should rate myself?

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depending on your job i would guess very active
Based on the categories Iwould say either moderately active or very active depending on how hard yo push yourself on the bike.

I'd say moderately active, maybe very active if you are a speed demon on the bike.

Now, can anyone help me with mine? I've put sedentary as my activity level which is probably correct, but maybe not...

30, female, 5'5, approx 138. Shaping up, but not quite there yet... Laughing 

I walk on average 2 miles per day, fast walking, probably running at least half a mile most days. I go to the gym 3x week, and usually do at least half an hour of cardio, half an hour of weights, and usually swim at least 6 laps. (My six laps is the hardest part since I am NOT a good swimmer.) I usually bike at least once a week for about 5 miles offroad, plus another one or two times per week around the city for about 5 miles each time then. I've also usually add another long walk, usually 5 miles, mid-speed each week as well.


I put myself down as sedentary at the suggestion of one of the moderators on here. That way I can input everything that I consider activity burning in manually such as breastfeeding, since I am nursing. I also input my daily activities and any workouts that I do. I feel this gives me a more accurate measurement of my activity and my base metabolic rate.
littlebytes is right, but if you want to use the general settings tthink, seditary - not really doing anything, and your walking and cycling and swimming and going to the gym - does it really feel like nothing? id say light to moderate activity depending on what you do outside of you activities - if its sat down all day (eg desk job, or stay at home) then light if you standing/walking (eg sales assistant, running around after kids) then id put moderate
Since we're all evaluating each other can you guys tell me mine? Here-

5'5, 134 lbs, 9% bodyfat
I lift weights 5-6 times a week, 45-60 minutes
1.25 mile runs 4 times a week
10 120yard sprints with 10 120 yard jog backs twice a week
Walk 2-4 miles 5-6 times a week
Walk around my house do chores

I'm bulking up now because I got underweight listening to this sites nutritional advice, but otherwise its been helpful.

@ coliniscool...I'd say ur very active esp compared to me!! lol..i just started dieting on Monday and I weigh 288lbs (Female) and my BMR is about 2450 (sedentary). I go to the gym 5x per wk and do aerobic activity about 15mins and weight for about 20mins.  I consume 1550 calories per day.  Should I put that I'm sedentary (I sit at a desk most of the day) or lightly active? and do you think I can lose over 4 lbs at least this month keeping up this trend?

"very active" is so relative.... it all depends on your means of comparison to an extend.  Colleagues in my office would think I'm very active if I did a quarter of what I do...

my account is set to sedentary and I log my training on top of that and that seems to work quite well....

although I would say that CC gives some burn rates for activities I don't really regard as much of an "activity"...  I mean heavy gardening ok give yourself some calories for that but "personal grooming"????!!  I wonder how many people have lost weight from cleaning their teeth...?

Check the date, folks.

I would say you're all very active. I'm 5/5 136  lbs and I work out once or twice a week about 40 mins on the elliptical . I have an office job and mainly just walk around the office getting people stuff, I park far away when I'm running errands during the day. I know I'm Sedentary. Recently lost about 4lbs due to calorie restriction on a 1400 calroie a day diet. You all sound like you're burning hundreds calories each week. Good job.

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