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...Saggy Boobs...

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Hey all, first thing thanks for the website, it's pure class I love it!!
I want to ask you... I lost a stone and a half and I always had big breasts but lately with the weight loss they became real saggy and empty.. is there any type of excercise I can do or my only solution is a boob job? :)

Thanks a mil!

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nothing can really be done for sagging skin/breasts...

you can build pecs under there- but again- not like it's gonna pull saggings bags of flesh up to where they once

sorry! wish i had better news-- i just deal with the pancakes i have... can't have it all!

Ah, I knew it!! Cry

thanks anyway :D

I don't necessarily agree with nothing can be done-- I am old and age gravity and weight loss has made me droopy but I bench press - and do lots of other chest weights and  I am happy to report since working the pecs the muscles do make me perkier -- or at least appear that way.  I actually have some cleavage now and can wear lower neckline clothes and look half way decent.

Do push ups if you don't have access to a gym and weights.

dbacker- if you've got lift, by god, tell me what you're sets/reps/weights & moves look like bc i'll tell you- with each passing week, i get better defined pecs and yet worse breasts! they are like freaking udders!? ewwww! i guessed it was just all the nursing i did!

how'd you do it? i've been targeting to get pec ridges lately and have minor progress-- but what have you done that's lifted them? do you have pec definition/ridges in the center? really, that's all i can think that will pull them anywhere close to up!

Weight lifting will help build the muscle base and is important, but will not help breasts which have been emptied or have lost elasticity due to pregancy or weight loss. Obviously there may be exceptions to this (e.s. dbacker) but I lost significant breast tissue during my first pregancy which was not helped by the fact that I breast fed both my kids until 8 and 6 months respectively. After seeing both doctors and trainers (I am very athletic and lift weights often and at high intensity) realized the only real possibility is to live with it or look at surgical options. Having said that, buidling the muscle base through weight lifting is critically important -- even if the eventual decision may be surgery.

yep scaropoo- i'm with you- i have built substantial pecs up- just short of having pec ridge lines - my breast tissue is so lost from nursing 2 of my 3 children for over a year each!

UGH! i know there's nothing that will bring them back-- i mean, you can see my muscle on the outer chest walls and ribs through the skin in the very center of my breasts-- it's bad, but NOT hideous... i would rather just have them removed than get implants! what's the point at pushing 40 to get implants? ugh-- they just are my udders that fed & nurtured & did what they were supposed to- so i just kind of accept it even tho it would be nice to have something resembling breasts where they should be...

eh, now if i could transplant my butt to my chest-- i'd undergo that surgery for the bottom half of me- could really care less about the boobs though- cause like i said- they did what they were meant for very, very well & my butt does nothing but hang back there -- pointless!

Forgot to add - I breastfed my 2 kids too - but I also don't really have that much to sag but like I said it "appears to me" my chest isn't as saggy since doing weights and heavier the better.

I do have some ridges too

If you can budget  breast lift surgery, it can work wonders.

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