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saggy baby belly:(

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Can someone help me out with which exercises are best for getting rid of the saggy skin after having a baby. I'm sure there are other people out there who are in the same position. Its doesnt seem to matter how much of a diet i stick to or how many crunches i do, nothing is happning at all. I am beginning to wonder if i'm stuck with it:(

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I have had three babies, and after each one have exercised pretty vigorously. I still have the saggy belly. and the little belly flaps over my pelvic region. I don't think that it ever really goes away, the closest I have come was after my first (like 6yrs) and even then the belly was still their just the skin on each side of my pelvis was a little tighter. all I can say is core core core!!!! (or tummytuck!!!) I find the worst is when you bend over and see it. its awful, some things we just have to learn to live with tho. I gained a lot of weight with all my pregnancies, which is why I think I have mine. Keep working at it tho!!!! you never might be a lucky one and with lots of hard work core action (pilates), yours might disappear!!!! GOOD LUCK!!

Unfortunately, I would have to agree with Gladys... Cry My son was a really big baby 10lbs 5oz, so even though I didn't gain a lot of weight in my pregnancy, I was still HUGE! And I still have my "apron" I have noticed though that as I have been losing weight this time 'round the apron is shrinking, but I don't think I will ever see it completely disappear without surgical intervention. I have just come to accept it as a battle scar.

But please, prove me wrong! then tell me how you did it, lol ;o)

Hang in there!

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awww thanx for the replies guys. glad i'm not alone out there with my saggy tum. i guess your right. i kinda resigned myself to the fact it seems to have moved in and is stubbornly never going to leave. i will continue with my exercises and ave a go at pilates and see if shrinkage occurs and if it does i will report back here and let you guys knowLaughing

apron..thats cute!!!!

my ten yr old calls it my jelly belly with tiger stripes!!! Just to let you all know...we earned those tiger stripes, every last one!!

I have found something recently that is working for me. Incline crunches with an 8lbs  medicine ball. It's HURTS, but it's really shrinking that baby belly sag you are talking about. I recently started a hard core abs program of about 300 abs in an hour doing it in different ways. And I have noticed a difference in 3wks. Give it a try. I don't know that it will make it go away and you have a flat belly again, but it will sure shrink it down and you will feel muscle again. : )

yea technically we're stuck with it...but nuvia is right, incline crunches w weights do help...well, of course fat loss as well...but also, besides incline crunches, hanging leg raises help as well!

Hi Banofee,

I have the same problem...the loose tummy is part of what caused me to gain weight (I was so dismayed by my sagging tummy that I sort of gave up hope of looking good and gained weight)...

Anyway, I recently came across this article about the "myth of loose skin" and thought it was interesting....I can't vouch for this person's credentials is true through that I can't ever recall seeing a truly slim person (i.e. a person with a genuinely low body fat with a huge overlapping stomach)....

When I excercised and ate well for 8 months most of my overhanging belly went away but I still had a "pouch".... mind you I am very short and had two very LARGE babies so maybe there will always be a small amount of puckered skin...but I do think the large pouch can be dealt with by reducing body fat percentage...

Good luck....

(I've thought about a tummy tuck but frankly I find the scarring almost worst than the loose skin and of course there is the cost and risk etc.)  I am thinking of sending my kids the bill when they are older....Wink


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Well... after 3 babies and a flabby tiger belly, I solved the problem with a tummy tuck, and I do have to say I'm sooooo happy with it! even with the scar (it has faded a lot) but its always hidden with under garments or bikini,  for me not a problem, and for the first time in my life I have a six pack that shows just how hard I work at the gym (400 abs 3 times a  week).



What was the tuck like?  Was it a tough recovery? I have heard some not great stories but it sounds like your pleased....

God to have a flat stomach...I can't even imagine....

Unfortunately, the more fat I have lost, the looser the skin on my abdomen got. No amount of diet and excercise will get rid of excess skin from strech marks. My little girls are more than worth it though! Laughing 

I definately plan on getting a mini-tuck when I can afford it. It can't be much worse than my two c-sections.

My recovery was great! I also had a hysterectomy at the same time, and I was back at the gym 4 weeks after the surgery, the only really bad day was the day after the surgery but I think it was more the hysterectomy that the tummy tuck (not mini). And I love my new abdomen and belly button.

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